Holding on to anger.

The Daily Prompt:

Do you hold grudges, or do you believe in forgive and forget?

Well, I’d say the forgiveness would have to do with the degree of harm caused.  The quote above says not to forget the their names, but I’d also like to add, don’t forget the lesson learnt from the deed done.
It has come to my attention lately that I have been holding on to a very deep anger, for a very long time, for certain deeds done.  I don’t sweat the small stuff, but there is the big stuff, the stuff that stabs right into the centre of my heart, that has caused me much anger.
Strange to not know how angry you are, to spend your life imploding about so many things.  I have always denied that I am angry, but then, one day quite recently, whilst writing my story; I was typing the words, but as my fingers started banging harder and harder on the keys as the awful words, which I found so deplorable came out, I realised how very, very angry I was…  I was angry.  I have not written much lately, but have spent a lot of time thinking and releasing thoughts, especially all the negative ones.
I realise now that one should acknowledge the lessons we learn in life, no matter how hard they are – acknowledge, accept the lesson and let go.
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48 thoughts on “Holding on to anger.

  1. A couple of months ago, I had some extreme anger issues. I had been hurt really bad, it finally took taking a baseball bat to punching bag for me to get it out. After that it was much better. Still hurts thinking about it, but I don’t feel that overwhelming anger.

  2. I always forgive. And if they do not accept my apology and my forgiveness I will hunt them down relentlessly until they do accept!

    Hi, M.
    How’s your Free Dom day?

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  4. “Acknowledge, accept the lesson and let go” is very therapeutic indeed. Really positive words, Michelle. You have chosen to move on in life. Wonderful to hear! Love and hugs, Iris. 🙂

  5. That is a beautiful photo and quote Michelle. There’s so much truth in this. Do you ever wonder WHY we have the emotions of anger, jealousy, etc. when the bible tells us we shouldn’t? I wonder that all the time. Maybe I just think too much!! 🙂

  6. I had a lot of anger holding on in my life too, Hope, but I thought I’d work it all out, but when my menopause started, I had and still have to work again on this issue. Your advice is true, holding on to it, makes your life misaberable. Big Hug 🙂

  7. I try to let things go but when I get onto certain subjects I find myself raising my voice and getting really worked up. I do believe though, in looking forward, not backward and hopefully learning the lesson enough to let it go. 😀

  8. Releasing negative thoughts is the challenge and the remedy. There is no way to make that easy but it sure would be worth the effort. I must remember this – and thank you..

  9. mundays are sumtimes mundane an i plan a new week etc etc here an lewk back over the past week so i created a place where i do a post jest bout that er whatnot…whatevr my heart fancies as long as it is ffrom the heartfelt heart side of my life that is what’ll count fer me.,.. anyhow is a day to do a free for allz blog bout something heartfelt as a picture show,,so ya know ..hope ya add one evr now and again …ok cuz i know u gots lotsa heartfelt stuff u might not have shared yet 🙂 ok take care.. no requirements ever like urs but would be fun to have a few people show fer it lol..ok well i wanted to write u here to wheres the direct link to set up my own widget thingy ma jigger mr linky! ? ,,,want to add that to my werld to make it simpler 🙂 hugs to u since i saw u jest commented very kewl 🙂

  10. great piece – i have struggled with acceptance, letting go, forgiving and forgetting – i can forgive, but i am unable to forget and i believe this is why the acceptance and letting go part alludes me. lately my anger has been taking an inward toll – i take it out on myself in one way or another. the writing is helping. they say life ain’t easy! whoever made that statement – the first person – they were brilliant. xx

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  12. I have first-hand experience of ‘before and after” anger and grudge against some one who had done me harm. But nursing the negative feelings started affecting my health. On advice of my mentor I approached the offenders with a sense of humility and the effect was magical. We became the best of friends and all negative feelings became positive and life became joyful!
    Cheers for a nice post 🙂

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