Do you know anything about dreams?


(I used the above photo as I don’t have any Lily photos)
I seem to dream such a lot lately.  Some of the dreams stay with me for days.  My latest “stay with me dream” is as follows:
I am walking in my back garden and suddenly hundreds of Arum Lilies appear.  Their colours are the most amazing shades of purple and blue that I’ve ever seen.  I try to take photos of the Lilies, but as I get closer the blues and purples seem to be moving and flowing into each other.  It was so exquisite that in my dream I had to put my camera down, as it could not capture what my eyes were seeing?
Do you think possibly had any meaning?

19 thoughts on “Do you know anything about dreams?

  1. I’ll get Klausbernd and his cheerful Bookfayries to have a look at your dream! 🙂 Klausbernd Vollmar is a professional dream interpreter, has written several bookshelves about dreams. Hold on….
    Love, Dina

  2. Hi, you are Michelle, I suppose you had this dream. Actually it is not as cryptic as it might seem to you at the first glance. Seen from the action-side of it it says don`t look indirectly (camera) at our world but directly (it may help to contemplate your ideas and ideologies/believes). Seen from the colour-symbolism: blue is the colour of longing (we will write about this in one of our next blogs after the symbolism of yellow). You seem to long for something you are not able to capture. I would say the dream asks you to try to capture it. The way is looking without concepts. Quite obvious, isn’t it?
    Of course, there are many other levels of that dream but this seem to me the most important message.
    I hope I was of some help.
    Good luck
    Klausbernd 🙂

    P.S.: Some of my books about symbolism and dream symbols are translated in English like
    Klausbernd Vollmar: Little Giant Encyclopedia of Dream Symbols” (Sterling Publ., New York) and “The Book of Dream Symbols” (Main Street Publ., New York)

  3. dreams seem to me to be a testing ground of the “soul” er “spirit” i should say a lot for me, tessting my integrity – an – morals – and what i really want to do in life and how i want it all to werk out , as my brain defrags in rem sleep and all the thoughts dispurse into thier proper places, there is where i can also put things in thier proper place int eh mind thought bout upon ones day befor eht eway i see it,, anyhow,, enjoy ur eve an night and dreams again! i say! always, as we make choices on both sides of outr life “visible” & “invisible!. Q

  4. Interesting dream. I would say the flowers represent life and that you are meant to stop trying to capture moments of life but rather enjoy the flow of life as it reveals itself. Too many of us want to hang on, but letting go is were we really learn how to achieve a sense of inner peace. And aren’t lilies a flower often used to symbolize peace?

  5. One quote about symbols that I can never forget is “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” attributed to Sigmund Freud. Still, I think Klausbernd (above) was correct. You can not experience life from behind a camera if you are always taking pictures. This is something my wife tells me whenever we come across something beautiful and I do not have my camera with me. But that is my nature.

Namaste. My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.

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