It’s probably me…


The Daily Prompt:

Do you find it easy to make new friends? Tell us how you’ve mastered the art of befriending a new person.

This is something I’ve spoken about often.  I have never made friends easily, and the times that I have, I have found that I am easily expendable.  I have had a recent experience of this once again.  A lesson I have had to learn over and over, but now I think I have finally learnt the lesson.  Funny how it often comes from the person one least expects it to come from.
I also think that the problem probably lies with me, because they can’t all be wrong (this thought is purely matter of fact – no sympathy.)  It was after this last time that I had decided not to make new friends, but just appreciate the very few that I have – that is if I am considered a friend to these few.
As far as mastering the friendship art, as in the question above, I’m afraid I have never been able to be masterful at it, and suppose that I never will.


PS: An apology.  I have been running my feet off for the past few days and have not been able to visit blogs as much as I would like to, but expect me there soon.

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46 thoughts on “It’s probably me…

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  2. Beautiful lyrics of that lovely song from Simon & Garfunkel. Take it easy, friend. I was thinking of the song “Whispering Hope.” My mum taught me this song. The lyrics and the melody are beautiful. You are in my thoughts, Michelle. Love and hugs, Iris.

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  8. Without a doubt, I am in the same status — each seem to have a season — and their season’s are up without notice. I know they had a purpose, but their purpose completes before I am ready. NO amount of effort resurrects it. Such was the subject of the last Nurturing Thursday. Hugs to you ~~

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  11. Good friends are hard to find. That was the first thing that came to my mind, while I was reading your post, Hope. I think we get people in our lives to learn something and vice versa. When the lessons are learned it’s probably time to go. Thanks for stopping by our blog. That means a lot to us. We try to stop by more often again. Pawkisses for now 🙂

  12. I agree with Green Embers, you’re always so supportive of others Michelle. In the real world, they always say we can count our true friends on one hand. In my experience this is very true!
    Id be honoured to be thought of as a supportive blogging friend, I know we’ll probably never meet but hey blogging is our main life isn’t it! xx 🙂

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  19. I’ve always believed that one’s true friends can be counted on one hand any more and I just wouldn’t have room in my head of life to be real friends to them.

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