Linger Longer…

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The Daily Prompt:

Tell us about times in which you linger — when you don’t want an event, or a day to end.

What is it you love about these times? Why do you wish you could linger forever?


In reply to the question; I usually want weekends to linger longer, because I feel more relaxed then, as most of us do.
Since the prompt is more or less about time, I thought I’d share my clock with you.  I love clocks and have a few around the house.  One day, when my ship comes in, I’m going to get myself a real authentic grandfather clock.  The picture above is of my Cuckoo clock which comes from Germany.  It is so cute.   Every hour the little man starts chopping wood, the little doors open and the cuckoo does its thing.  A different melody also plays on the hour. I have become so accustomed to listening to it for the time, I think I would be lost without it.  It is one of my favourite material possessions 🙂

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58 thoughts on “Linger Longer…

  1. Although I now live in the bustling city of Joburg I will miss the times I could (safely) sit by myself on the beach. I could sit there from sunrise to sunset. I find it very calming.

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  9. I m so glad you told us that the cuckoo clock came from Germany: Everyone seems to think that it is a Swiss thing and all Swiss households have a cuckoo clock somewhere. Although wonderful creations, the Swiss can only take the credit for the wristwatch. We leave the cuckoo clocks to the Black Forest region of German, they do it best of all. Nicely penned, as always.

  10. So you can collect your firewood ready for the winter? 😉 What an adorable musical clock. Lovely time piece. And I’m sure very precise too! Thanks for your post, Michelle. 🙂

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  15. what a cute clock! I love clocks and i fear that they are disappearing – not one clock in my house has a face – just digital. so sad… a clock face has so much personality, really – especially yours above;)

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  18. Love your clock. I saw many beautiful Cuckoo clocks when I lived in Germany and have regretted not buying one to bring back with me. Hugs

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  22. The clock gives me memories. I could live without clocks… just living in themoment, and not worrying about time, but then it is not possible in the working world!

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