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Do you thrive under pressure or crumble at the thought of it? Does your best stuff surface as the deadline approaches or do you need to iterate, day after day to achieve something you’re proud of? Tell us how you work best.

In my younger years, working for newspapers, I’d say I thrived on pressure.  The deadline motivated me, and I think made me perform better at times, but now that I am older I find that I prefer working under calmer conditions.
There is a different type of pressure us humans have to deal with besides the work pressures though, and that is the pressures we put on each other relationship wise.  I don’t mean only relationships between men and women, but also the relationships we have with our children, friends and so on.
This made me think of something I heard on the radio the other day.  Apparently there is a new app (application) for men to use on their phones.  What the app apparently does is; it sends messages to their wives and girlfriends, once or twice a day, so that it seems as though the husband or boyfriend just stopped work to send his darling a sweet message.  They were saying that this is so great for men to use, of course there was a lot of joking and bantering about on the subject.
I was wondering though, are partners that demanding that it became necessary to develop an application for that?  Surely there are partners around who realise that the day can get hectic.  I believe some people get quite annoyed if they don’t get that “Hey babe, I love and miss you” call or sms.
How would you feel if your partner sent you pre-recorded messages which seem to be sent at that moment?  Would you like it?  Would it bother you? Do you expect to get called or messaged during the day even if the partner working at a non stop rate?
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50 thoughts on “Men

  1. I would love to be able to get a text throughout the day from my husband, but unfortunately I am unable to. So I just send him one everyday even when I know he won’t be able to respond. I do the same with my parents. I call them every other day and send a text everyday. I would prefer to get no message than a pre-recorded one. I feel more thought is put into an original in the moment text or call. Great post!

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  3. Don’t like the idea at all. Rings untrue to me. Just because someone is out of touch during the day does not mean they are out of mind. Something pre recorded just sounds wrong to me. Text if you can-even if it’s just a heart or a smiley, and if you can’t let the person know you thought of them when you can. That’s my feeling! 🙂

  4. If your partner is demanding a message once or twice a day it is time to re-thinkyour relationship. If you want to send your partner a message once or twice a day because you really WANT to you will find the time (heck, ho long will sending a txt take? 1 minute?)

    However as far as pre-made text, if I send my wife a quick “I love you” by phoe the text is almost always the same. “I love you, xoxoxox” so I doubt anyone would notice if that is a “template”


  6. I don’t expect this at all. Both of us are working and we cannot always stop to send a message. Surely if you are secure in your relationship there is no need to send constant reassurances.

  7. I would not like that. Cheesy. Our marriage has matured after just eight years, that stuff is not needed as I do it myself! I purpose each day to hug my wife, kiss her and tell her I love her and appreciate her. And that’s sincere.

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  11. I would rather not have any ‘texts’ if they were were automated. It’s bad enough to get replies from questions sent to some companies that are like that ‘automatic”….. I wouldn’t want a personal one. Diane

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  14. What a crazy idea. I would hate my husband to use that app. Do they think that people are so needy and insecure. I would hope that people’s relationships are much stronger than that. You say the app is for men to use. Isn’t that a bit sexist? 😀

  15. That app is an absolutely terrible idea! My husband isn’t able to text often during the day, making it that much better whenever he gets the opportunity to do so. I agree with several of the above comments–using an app to schedule texts sounds suspicious, whether it is or not.

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  17. It’s nice to get a surprise call or message once in a while, but as a regular practice… I think it would take the fun out of it. And timed and pre-recorded??? Oh please. I think I’m too old to be that insecure.

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  19. Men are just so predictable…. I bet it was a man who invented that app. I would not like a message from the app as it does not come from the man thinking of you at the time. My messages need to come from the heart not an app. Am I in dreamland, does a man like that exist???? We’ll see I have a date soon, hehe.

  20. There is no value if it is pre-recorded. Although in a different context, a pre-recorded message could be very moving if for example the man had met with an accident and can no longer send any messages. I probably watch too many movies 😛

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  22. Well, Hope,
    I would not use the pre-recorded app and I would be upset if my significant other used it. If you don’t remember to call, then set yourself up a reminder (there’s an app for that, too). If you are too busy, then the relationship is on its way out, anyway, why send the message?
    I forget lots of things since my stroke. I do forget to call and message and whatever else needs to be done; but I own up to it and try my best. I use a reminder calender for all sorts of future events. I am getting better, but still I prefer knowing that the other person made the effort not spent the money.

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  24. Bravo! Society demands prerecorded messages. That is the way early television sitcoms survived the dark ages. Today the majority of experiences we have are pre: arranged, packaged, digested and prescribed. If you use the application make sure you have used the correct phone number to reach your intended victim. Other than that just give me the “real thing”. 🙂

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