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What are your earliest and fondest memories of dance?

My mom was a huge Elvis fan, and she could also do the “Jive.”  The 50’s style Jive/swing.  She could also do the “rubber legs” thing.   I so clearly remember her putting on her Elvis LP’s, taking off her shoes and dancing like crazy in the lounge.  If my aunt from the other side of the family was there, she would jump in and start dancing too.    I think my parents were part of the original “Joburg Jollers” in their younger years. Father had the ducktail hairdo, stove pipes, and mom was very cute indeed.  In fact, I think that  is how they met.
Anyway, my mom taught me how to dance to her old Elvis records, or rather, I just copied her and what she did. So there I was, very little and doing the jive in the lounge with mom.   That is a treasured memory.  I think this caused my love of music, regardless of the era.  I think each era has something special to offer as far as music goes.   I later, naturally took up dance; Latin and Ballroom.  The Ballroom was because I had to do both for the exams, but my real love was Latin American dancing.
There you go, question answered for The Daily prompt
photo credit: Zonja Capalini via photopin cc

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  6. My most favorite thing to do.. My husband and I were ‘jivers’ …and Elvis likely our favourite too. I taught myself to dance … watching American Bandstand and my partner..was a doorknob or a door frame…. It was so nice to actually dance with a person when I met my husband… but my favourite dance… ‘The Charlston’… Diane

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  9. That is a beautiful memory indeed Michelle. I love ballroom and latin american dancing as well and used to do it too in my younger years. My stepfather loved Elvis so we grew up with his music as well and he also used to dance and sing to the music. It was a treat seeing him do the Elvis leg swings..hahahaha. Thanks for reminding me about the few good times in my childhood. Great post hon. 😀 *big hugs*

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