Me, the Fockers and a Cosmo.

Quick Intro:
My eldest daughter has had a bit of a rough break up recently, but she now has a new boyfriend in her life.  The new boyfriend’s family wanted us all to meet up.  First, they suggested a braai (barbeque) at their house, but with me being the way I am, I thought I’d be all awkward at their house.  I would first have to get to know them better first.  So, the eventual arrangement was that we would all meet up at a restaurant.
The meeting:
I was fine all along, thinking that I would be calm meeting the new people, but an hour before the time I suddenly got so nervous.  I kept thinking about that movie “Meet the Fockers.”  I was wondering who of us would be the Fockers, their family or mine, or neither.  I digress though, back to me getting all anxious.  I took a prescription tablet (which is supposed to help with the anxiety) just before leaving, which did help a little.
I was hoping that we would get to the restaurant before them so that I could settle down and get used to my surroundings.  You may find my behaviour to be a little odd, but those who suffer from anxiety would understand exactly what I’m talking about.
As luck would have it, they arrived at precisely the same time as my family arrived.  So we did the introductions in the parking lot!  I must say though that I was happy to have met a family of huggers. Who would have guessed, real huggers, not pretend huggers, good warm hearted hugging people.
The Actual Visit
Once inside the restaurant I suddenly felt overwhelmed with waves of nervousness.  When the waiter came around I ordered a Cosmopolitan for three reasons.  One; I thought it would calm me down.  Two; it is quite delectable.  Three; I love the shape of the glass and the way they do the whole drink up with the cherry dropped in the bottom.
Once the conversation started.  I found my new acquaintances to be quite amiable, and strangely, I had this really odd feeling that I might just LIKE them.
After I had finished my second Cosmo, I felt my head do a bit of a spin. Stupid of me, I actually forgot about the medication I took just before leaving. Fortunately though, I know my drinking capabilities very well.  I can handle any form of Vodka, but only until I feel that first head swirl, that is when I put the brakes on.  On this day the combination was a bit much for me I think.
Anyway, it turned out that neither of our two families was in fact similar to the Fockers, although given time, all the strange quirks do eventually surface, don’t they?

For:  Weekly Writing Challenge: Object

photo credit: futurowoman via photopin cc


56 thoughts on “Me, the Fockers and a Cosmo.

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  2. I love meeting huggers… it means so much more and is a sign of genuine greeting… this business of handshakes, how hard do I grip, or how soft, don’t want to give a bad impression with a hand shake, with a hug you know its genuine… love the share…

  3. love this. I could picture the whole event unfolding. It is always quite unnerving to meet new people in a “family” situation like that. I went to meet the parent’s of the boy my step daughter was marrying- me, my husband & his exwife- I could have used a Cosmo that night!! 🙂 (and so NOT a family of huggers I might add)

  4. Meet the family is never fun when thought about in advance but usually it is less painful than a trip to the dentist and most times it is a lot of fun. I know how exactly how you feel, anxiety and I – old buddies or should I say frenemies so I understand the scoping out of a situation and environment before adding more stress to the situation with PEOPLE.

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  6. It is true of so many things we feel anxious about… our ideas and fears are almost always worse than the reality. I wish I could figure out a way to tap that knowledge – I still end up on edge every time! I am glad it turned out well.

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  8. Sorry to hear about your daughter’s break-up Michelle. Sounds like it was for the best as well. I am glad the new ‘in-laws’ are huggers. You don’t get that too much anymore. I love huggers. They are good people. Glad the cosmo was there to help out. 😆
    *big hugs*

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  13. Bravo! Years ago I met my girlfriend’s entire family at an after graduation party. I was really nervous and consumed a lot of spirits to bolster my spirits. Happily I kept my composure and the evening went well…I thinkl (mind got a little fuzzy but do remember shaling a lot of hands that evening. Thanks for sharing.

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  16. Glad the gathering went well. I am not a huggy person, myself. I mean, I do not initiate the hugging because of my anxiety issues, but it does help to settle me down when the other party are very openly warm and want to hug me.
    You are not alone with some of the coping tools you use. Like you, to cope with anxiety and my social phobia, I usually have to arrive at my meeting places a bit early so I have time to adjust to my surroundings and settle down. Cosmos do not hurt, either. 😉

    • Glad you understand. I must say I am not one to initiate a hug first either, but do appreciate it when someone else does and as you said it does calm the nerves a bit.
      Thanks so much for the visit 🙂 Our coping methods seem quite similar.

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  18. I love it when I meet proper huggers! It’s such a lovely surprise. They are thin on the ground I find. Can I offer my (unqualified) opinion that wanting to arrive at restaurant early is plain common sense and good planning. I don’t think that’s about anxiety more about getting the best seats and a sneak preview at the Specials menu.

    Glad the Cosmo’s were terrific. Here’s mud in your eye (Irish toast!) Enjoy a fab Friday.

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  20. Those who suffer from anxiety would understand exactly what I’m talking about…Yes I completely get it. Few understand though ! Glad it worked out…I am not so open.

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