I’m not happy with Naked People


You remember when we all got our “2013 year in blogging?”   Most bloggers shared their reports with us.  I chose not to because I was feeling a bit sheepish about mine.  You would probably be wondering why.  Well, I’ll tell you why…

My most viewed post was one of the “Michelle’s Pet Challenge”  posts.  It was one of the very first posts in the pet challenge.  That is fine by me, and I was happy that the Pet Challenge should be on the top of the list, but my second most read and searched for post was this post.
Now, those of you who know me well by now would know that I don’t really write about that sort of thing, it’s just this once off when I was really irritated.  I would like to think that I have written much more deeply than that second most read post 😉
Then, to add the sheepish feeling cherry on the top. there was this third most read post.  Now I ask you with tears in my eyes?
These posts are not the most commented on, but they are the most searched for and viewed.  I wonder who searches stuff like this, is it a specific generation?  Who knows?  Thing is though, I thought I had written better stuff than that.

46 thoughts on “I’m not happy with Naked People

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  3. You never know what blog will get the most search hits. Mine is “No Country for Old Men – The Sequel. http://thecvillean.wordpress.com/?s=No+country+for+old+men&submit=Search

    It’s just a satirical blog on my 50th high school reunion, but because of the title I used people who liked the movie were obviously thinking that a sequel had been filmed and they were trying to find out about it.

    Actually, it’s not a bad idea to have a title that entices readers, no matter the motive. WordPress encourages it.

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  5. Your writing is excellent.
    My most frequent searches led people to my two naked bar stories (third one coming soon!).
    This is very much a case of “it’s not you. It’s them.”
    (though I know one blogger that adds prurient tags – because it amuses him, and it gets more hits.)
    Internet. Go figure.

  6. The reason people search for what they do is mind boggling… I take my one post on Bushmans hole, got 900 views throughout the year and has now had 1165 views this month alone… who searches for Boesmansgat in America?

    • It is odd. I have a post where I explain my blog name which received over 1300 hits on that day. Don’t know why. I even wondered if there was not some sort of technical hitch.
      Thanks Bulldog 🙂

  7. As funny at you made it sound there’s also truth in the fact that most people do enjoy challenges more because they do get to post photo’s of that particular subject/theme. I bet this one would get to the top of that list as well. It has the tags ‘naked, people and friends’ in it. LOL!

    You are right, you have lots of great posts but well, to try and understand this all would be a waste of time. What I do know is that most of them don’t even read what has been written most of the time. For some all that matters is that you visit their blogs so that their stat ratings looks good. 😉

    • Yep, I know what you’re saying about the ratings. There are a handful of bloggers who do read posts 🙂
      I deliberately tagged those tags here again so that those who search those particular words can read this 🙂
      Thank you my friend.

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  10. You are not responsible for the actions or thoughts of others. Your posts are fine, this is your website. Put on it what you feel you need to. Americans are much less open about nudity than some European countries it seems but these photos don’t bother me at all. What does bother me are the showers we had to take in junior high school. Some of us stopped going to gym class to avoid it. Rather nasty…

  11. Blogging, like you say, is a fickle thing. I agree – the post I am most proud of, often get ignored or read less. But posts about scandal (Oscar Pistorius and such) get read widely, even if the writing is mediocre. I made peace with that. If I type the final word and I feel good about the post…well, that’s what counts. I must remind myself at times that the web is a world-wide thing, and that tastes differ. Still, I think it’ll be a great idea if WordPress added a little widget, asking the author to score his own work. Then again, most would probably write 10/10 every time…

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  14. As I see, you have many blogger-friends who have had similar experiences. I’m relatively new to blogging, but 3 of my posts, two about TV program Foyle’s War (actor Michael Kitchen apparently has a very swoony/rabid fan base) and one about funny family Christmas stories I titled “Naked Santa and other Misfits (Rated G)” got many views. The Santa views primarily came from internet searches for “naked santa.”

    A friend of mine is an actress/playwright. Years ago she was discouraged about not getting audiences for her shows. She joked, “I should write a show where I am completely naked. I bet that’ll bring them in.” Well, a few years later she did just that. Her show, “See Me Naked” is a gentle and tasteful exploration about dating, vulnerability, etc., and yes, she does appear nude on stage at the end. She has written a follow-up piece about body image and the middle-aged woman. Her stories about who comes to see the shows are fascinating.

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  16. Love it!!!!! Honestly though it says more about the searchers than the searchee! But hey, traffic to your blog might find a few readers who become followers who read those posts of yours that are the gems you love yourself and wanted to share.

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  18. It’s strange what ends up in first place… and second… but it certainly has nothing to do with your writing.. just the ‘title’… I didn’t post mine either… but my #1 was Ponies Ponies Ponies… it was a fun post for another blogger who liked ponies .. I had pictures and a story ..it still gets people viewing it.. My # 2 was a poem entitled Freedom to Fly and was a simple poem about butterflies…. who’d guessed Diane

  19. You never know what people look for and we are talking all over the world. Obviously those posts made people think and talk. Sometimes it is subject which are a bit delicate which make them talk. I wouldn’t worry, as all your posts are lovely and I love to read them. just continue as you are, you are wonderful Michelle!

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  21. Michelle,
    A lot of times when I get behind on my readings (which is often), I look at all the email titles and sort by person. Then I pick one from each person, sort them back by date, and start with the oldest ones. When I see a title like the one(s) you mentioned, those are probably the ones I will read, too. Mainly, it’s because I know you and wonder what you will have to say about those particular topics. And, I thank you for writing them. Both were very interesting and made me smile. People enjoy reading about horror, sex, and money a lot. They are just interesting subjects and show us what all are thinking about in those areas.

Namaste. My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.

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