Number Seven Written in White.

book cover

Write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination.

This story starts somewhere in the middle of the life of a little girl and a woman.   You will learn about a little girl who thought of herself as a number.  As you read through the story, you will understand her reasons for being that number.   She is number seven who loves white.
It tells of the woman, the grown up number seven, who still loves white, even though her thoughts are sometimes darker than the night.  She still lives with that very hurt little girl inside her heart.  She tries to do the best she can, but every now and then her thoughts torment her, and punish her by pushing her into the most treacherous corners of her mind. 
It tells how she learns to stay sane in her own way, and how she would never have survived if it were not for hope…

(This is really in fact a half written book.)

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41 thoughts on “Number Seven Written in White.

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  4. Hope it is indeed and there’s always hope to overcome the darkness with Light, Michelle. You can be an overcomer with a different interpretation of your thoughts. I understand you have a supportive little daughter and am sure there are others too. It is wonderful that you can write down these thoughts and share them in your posts. So you say it’s hope that has given you the strength. That’s lovely to hear and may God’s love and light help you through this process of overcoming all negative thoughts and continue the healing process.

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  12. What a gorgeous shot that is Michelle! I love it! 😀
    Number 7 is a lucky number and white is such a beautiful and pure colour. It keeps darkness away. That book sounds very intriguing and I would sure love to read it.
    Hope is all we have hon. Without it, life would be meaningless. 😀 *big hugs*

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      • Well, I am very fortunate to have had two books published and a third currently under consideration. I’m also doing a bit of serious editing of another for my publisher.
        There maybe a chance of resuscitation for a couple of those ”Works in Progress”, * But no guarantee of publication, unless I put them out there myself)
        One , especially I would like to see completed, but as you are now experiencing, it isn’t always so easy to ‘Tap – In’ to that creative genie, am I right? 😉

        And of course there comes the editing……

        Keep going. You’ll get there.

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