My Entry: Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge


Above is the throne on which His Royal Highness sleeps.
If you look at the photo below you will see that my daughters cat uses the bottom section of the throne.
She’s an old girl, and I think she likes feeling safe and snug in there.


The scene becomes quite amusing when HRH has decided that he has had enough sleep,
he will then hang over (as seen below,) and tries his hardest to get the old girls attention by tapping her from mid-air with his paws.
She usually becomes quite annoyed with him.


He does this often and today for the first time I managed to get a “sort of” photo of what he gets up to πŸ™‚
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42 thoughts on “My Entry: Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

  1. The pictures are adorable… I like the one especially of your cat trying to annoy your daughter’s. I’ve been trying to get a similar picture of our cat doing the same to our dog… She races… jumps up on the chair or hassock above Koko and swipes at him …just to pester not to hurt…. It’s so cute but I haven’t been able to capture yet with camera… Diane

  2. hehehe, that is just so adorable! I just love that little castle they have. Of course HRH lives in the tower..LOL! Great shots Michelle. πŸ˜€

  3. His Royal Highness has the personality to go with those good looks of his! I love the throne and the sleeping arrangements they have. Beautiful cats!

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