Photo-Editing Challenge : Unusual Angles



I decided to be less adventurous this week.
I love photo editing and sometimes my imagination whirls into another place which few understand. So today I’m keeping it real.
That does not mean that I’ll always be keeping it real though 😉
Above is the original as usual.  Below is the edited photo.
I used “Photo effects light” and chose the “Acrylic comic” option.  I then used “Fotor” and chose “Nostalgic.”
What I liked about the edit is the textures effect.



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32 thoughts on “Photo-Editing Challenge : Unusual Angles

  1. Wow! Stunning shot Michelle and I agree what Steve says. It does make it look like that. I LOVE it! Great shot and edit hon and in my challenge you may be as adventurous and creative as you’d like to be, because what we’re doing, we’re doing for fun and it relaxes us too, so who cares about those that doesn’t understand. Who knows, they might just learn something new and exciting too. 😉

    Thanks for taking part and for sharing hon. Much appreciated. 😀 *hugs*

  2. I like both images. I like how it pulls you in. That’s me, I’m linear as my wife will attest. A photograph like that, I have no alternative…I’ve got to see it.

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