Quirks, don’t smirk.

doodlesDaily prompt: Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — in yourself, or others.

Having had OCD for many, many years now I find it difficult to determine which of my habits are related to the OCD and which are just merely habits.  I suppose those that cause me anguish, which have to be done again and gain until it is right are probably related to the OCD.  The other more trivial habits I assume then are just merely habits.
For me though, the line is thin.  I would say the habit/compulsion that I absolutely abhor the most is showering.  It is not the actual showering that I dislike so much, but the mind control and how I have to concentrate so early in the morning.  If I do not tell myself that I will only be in the shower for not more than 10 minutes, and If I don’t plan that I will first wash my hair etc, then I will get stuck in the shower, and I will be scrubbing my skin, because somehow in the back of my mind I sometimes just cannot get clean enough and will end up not being able to get myself out of there. I will understand if you think this is really silly, if you think it’s totally ridiculous, well then I don’t really care to explain.
My funniest quirk which I like is doodling.  It is impossible for me to talk on the phone or just be idle without doodling.  I don’t think you will find a diary or notebook which I own that does not have doodles on them 🙂 Above are some random doodles lying on my desk.

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55 thoughts on “Quirks, don’t smirk.

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  2. This is creepy as it sounds a lot like me – I’m not sure if I have very mild OCD but I also have routines/habits. Getting the order of things correct in the shower is one of them. If I go out of order I stand there confused.
    Also with the doodling – once I’ve finished a phone call there will be a work of art I don’t even remember drawing sitting there in front of me!

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  13. I have a friend who did some like 10 thousand doodles while talking on the phone, she presented to a publisher and now she has a book used for some type of psychological studies. How fun is that? I can see yours can become tile designs.

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  15. So glad I am not the only one Michelle. I think that is why I prefer my bubblebath. 😆
    That is one stunning shot Michelle. Your doodles are just awesome and just like Raewyn I would love to see more! Great post and thanks for sharing hon. 😀 *big hugs*

  16. I too am a doodler when on the phone and in meetings. Another habit I’ve found is when I’m on the phone at work I instinctively go onto the internet and randomly view the news!

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  18. Doodling is good for you! And yours are beautiful as others have said.
    You are not alone in the shower thing…if I don’t do things in the right order I don’t remember if I washed my hair or not…

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