Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Chopin Hotel Paris-imp


I managed to get myself lost in Paris a few times, but then later found a quaint arcade.  Walking down the arcade there was a turn to the left, but just at the turn was this little hotel.  I never went into it, but I loved the way it looked, it also helped that I love Chopin too.  I kept trying to take a photo of this place, but there were so many people walking past, so luckily one evening for a moment, there was not a soul in sight, so very quickly, I took the shot.

Chopin Hotel Arcade-imp


Further down in the same arcade was what looked like a costume shop.  I was fortunate enough to be in the right angle to catch the reflections on the other side of the arcade too; notice the man walking near the front of the picture and a little further down is a woman.  I must admit though that I do find the huge mask in the middle of the window a little eerie.


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52 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

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  7. Charming quaint hotel! Well taken photo. Paris also reminds me of Montmarte and the artists’ colony. I do enjoy Chopin especially The Minute Waltz. Lovely post, Michelle. 🙂 and hugs.

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