My number one.


Todays prompt:

Who is the most important person in your life? Describe that person in as great a detail as you can muster and most importantly, tell us why you cherish this person.

I don’t think any parent who has more than one child can actually answer this question, because for me each of my children is my number one.  I have three number one’s.  Describe them?  Well, they are all quite different form each other in personality, but similar in look.  My eldest works as a model and an artist, and she also studies. Of course the two younger ones are still at school.
My girls are strong, confident and assertive.  Sometimes people mistake their assertiveness as being cheeky, but I taught them from a very young age that they are full of worth, and that they have every right to speak out if they need to.   I have also taught them that I am always here, I will always believe in them, and that I am always on their side, no matter what.
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31 thoughts on “My number one.

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  2. Sometimes people mistake their assertiveness as being cheeky, but I taught them from a very young age that they are full of worth, and that they have every right to speak out if they need to.

    Wow, you sound like a fantastic mother. Your children are so lucky to have you! Why aren’t more children taught that there opinion matters? Too often children are treated like they’re a different species and won’t deserve the respect that “true” humans get until they’re adults. Every person deserves to have their ideas heard and considered. It makes me happy to know that if your daughters have kids, they’ll likely pass on the same beliefs and the cycle will continue.

  3. What a lovely and beautiful post indeed Michelle! Just like you I have lots of number ones in my little family as well, as they are all I have and all I need in this life. Great shot of the lovely bougainvillea. 😀 *big hugs*

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  5. Although everyone says they have no favourites among their children, it is actually something one has to work at. Almost invariably a particular child will be more on one’s own wavelength than the other/s, and it takes superhuman will not to favour them. I have noticed often, though, that where favouritism is apparent the father and mother and grandparents all have different ones, so it tends to even out. It is tragic when the whole lot sideline a particular kid, though.

    • I know what you mean by being on a certain wave length. I think that one of the advantages of having so many years between the ages of my children does give it a different perspective though. I agree about the side lined child. That is sad.

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  7. I agree with others… your daughters are lucky to have you as a mother. And I think your humility and willingness to acknowledge your imperfections is actually a great gift that you give to them – they know that they too are okay even with all of their strengths and their challenges.

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