End of NaBloPoMo.


This is the last day of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month.)  I believe the object is to motivate bloggers to do a post a day.  I decided to take it on this time, but I must say that half way through I kept questioning myself as to why I decided to do it.

I don’t really need motivation to blog, in fact, I usually do post a day, and at times even more, but somehow the fact that I had decided to do this for this month actually made it more difficult for me to post.   The thought even occurred to me that it might be a little left over rebelliousness in myself to not follow the rules 😉

I would hasten to add though that I would recommend this challenge for anyone who lacks motivation to blog everyday, if they want to, of course.  In any case though, I did the thing, and now it is over and done.  The reason I didn’t give up half way through the month was because I have been told previously that I don’t finish what I start (I don’t agree)… and look, I finished this now didn’t I?


50 thoughts on “End of NaBloPoMo.

  1. I’m like you. I post pretty much every day anyway, sometimes two or even three times (I know, I need to learn some restraint). I signed up for it also, and occasionally fretted just a bit about what I would post that day. I did it, though (except for today, but that’s coming). I don’t think I’ll sign up again, but who knows, maybe next year.

  2. You did, well done. I don’t want any pressure on blogging but do as and when I can and feel like. Hence I don’t follow any of these things. I do like to read though and enjoy some of the challenges others do!
    I always love your beautifu pictues too!

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  4. When I first started blogging and had no idea what a blog even was….I was advised to get a theme. In other words just post about one thing. I knew I didn’t know one thing about one thing. And not much about a lot of things either.
    I do read blogs that are very disciplined and talk about the same thing a bit differently each time. lol I am so glad I chose the “Surprise!” route. It is a surprise to me what I am going to write each day and a surprise for my readers. So far I haven’t run out of surprises. 🙂

  5. Congratulations on proving the naysayers wrong! I believe you should follow your passion wherever it leads. If you have a burn to blog, then blog. If you don’t, then find what you burn to do and do it. That is a guiding principle in my life and the adventure has been much more joyous, rich, and fulfilling, since I adopted it.

  6. Hah! Another rebel. =) Great to meet you. I participate in the April A-Z Challenge, but I don’t think I could do it year round…that is, unless I could just post cute quotables my kids throw at me during the day.

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  9. I got so caught up with finishing off my Diploma work that I didn’t finish it. I’ll try it again next year just to prove I CAN finish what i start lol. Good on you for doing it.

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  11. People used to tell me I didn’t finish what I started lots of times. And it was true for years, but now I just finish what I choose to finish and to heck with what anyone else thinks! But I have to say that doing my art has helped me in this area quite a bit. I have always finished my drawings or paintings!! Writing is a different story! 😉 Congrats on finishing the November posts. I have found it to be taxing to post every day. So I’ve been trying to prepare things once a week and prepare them to post automatically for me! 😉

  12. The reason I didn’t give up half way through the month was because I have been told previously that I don’t finish what I start (I don’t agree)… and look, I finished this now didn’t I?

    You showed them! Don’t listen to people like this (who probably are too scared even to start anything). And P.S. Sometimes you find that what you’ve started isn’t going in the right direction. If it were a car, what do you do, drive over the cliff just to finish the job? 🙂

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