Do you think it’s too much?


I thought I’d join in on the “My best photo of the week.” The reason for this photo today, is not that it is technically the best at all, but it is the best way to describe a thought.
Every now, and then, I get criticism for having too many flowers, and too much colour here on my blog.  I have recently changed my background not because of the criticism, but so that the colour does not detract from the photos…but, back to the point, whenever I get these criticisms, I wonder if people realise what a blessing it is to see colour, and what a wonderful beautiful world full of colour we live in.  I don’t make the colourful flowers I post here, I’m just taking pictures of natures beautiful jewellery.
Look at the picture and make up your own mind…


56 thoughts on “Do you think it’s too much?

  1. Dear Michelle, I breathe and taste and hear colors, at least that is how much I love them, as you probably can see from my photos too. Of course it is not too much( in this photosplash photo rather too little, but it does present your point!) Your blog is so honest and true to who I think you are, that is never for anyone to critisize, do not listen! Love, Solveig

  2. Wow if people get tired of looking at natures things of beauty, then there ain’t much hope for my blog… I love your photos of flowers, different to what I take the most so I do enjoy seeing when someone can do it well… between you and Maralee I get to see beautiful flowers with out leaving my desk… I love it…

  3. I think this is a wonderful example how we tend to live in a world of opposites. It can be fun, joy, happiness and success while we operate from our spiritual self and dark and lifeless with lots of pain and discomfort when we work from our ego. We are not our egos and history, but spiritual beings having a human experience in the matrix of life.

  4. I would hate for there to be no colour in the world and nature’s colours are the best kind! This is your blog, your space, you make it what you want it to be… I for one love your colourful space! 🙂

  5. One of the things to do on my bucketlist is to visit the Hitachi Seaside Park – – to see the ocean of colour and flowers there. ^____^

    I think you have proven your point with the picture. Nice work contrasting the pop of colour with the bigger image that is more dull. Love the white glow of the background and how it does help to show up the brighter images in the main body too : )


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Namaste. My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.

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