Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge; Round up and start of new week.


My cat, His Royal Highness, is very proud of how he can slide far distances at a time, on his back, under chairs…
He requested that I show you this:


Thank you to those who took part last week.  Here are their links, please pop over to these posts they are lovely.















If by any chance I missed your link please let me know so that I can update this post immediately.  I have, through my blog visiting, come across posts for this challenge which I have either missed or the post was not linked back to me.  Please let me know if you do the challenge via comments with a link, or a pingback.

The new week is now open (11).  If you’d like to take part, here is how:

Just simply do a post of your pets, or pets of your friends or family.  You can also post pictures and stories of animals that come and eat food you leave out for them. Eg, you may have a bird feeder in your garden. Pictures taken in the wild are also very welcome. Link back here and head your post as “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.”  Display the logo on your post or on your sidebar.

Most importantly, have fun!




64 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge; Round up and start of new week.

  1. Sorry Michelle I forgot that you did this every Tuesday. I have posted up a blog party just for today only that is focused on the same subject… Do you mind if I link it to yours?

  2. Come check out my foster cat Luna. It would be helpful if you can spread the word to help her find a new welcoming home 🙂 I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  3. How Saintly 🙂 Cats adore those rattan chairs and the like, indeed my Molly likes the waste paper basket so much that she empties it for me, though outside in the trash can would be a better place in which to do that, but she is learning fast 🙂 lol

    Sorry for not calling sooner, all I have been doing is adding scripts and picture posts lately and not a lot of visiting my friends, even lovely friends such as yourself have not been getting any visits so I apologise for that Michelle. Have a lovely day 🙂 🙂

    Andro xxxx

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