I am so mad!


My mom is and elderly lady in her seventies, who has only a few prized possessions.  She is not poor, but also definitely not rolling in dough.  She makes ends meet.  She had a few special little things that she considered to be luxuries, such as a laptop, cell phone and a new TV.
A few days ago, “they” broke into her house which she shares with another elderly person.  The house is very modest.  From the outside one would not think that there are great treasures to be found there.   Stealing from any category of wealth is wrong, but even more wrong is when the thieves are stealing from the vulnerable who work at keeping their heads above the water.
I am so grateful that my mom was not at home when they broke in.  I have replaced her cell phone, which she has accepted, but simply point blank refuses help with the other things.  I will keep an eye on that, and fortunately Christmas is around the corner.  Santa might surprise her with an item or two.
I read just recently that The Netherlands have closed, or are in the process of closing quite a few of their prisons due to a shortage of prisoners.  I can hear the wise cracks about it’s because weed is legal there.  Edit:  I was wondering what they had done right, but have edited since angelswhisper’s comment – please see her comment in the comments section.  

76 thoughts on “I am so mad!

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that! Thieves robbed me of my treasured bicycle so I know how it feels to have that peace of mind broken and the anger at how someone can simply claim something of yours as theirs. Even worse if they came into your house! My robbery was only the locked garage, I can imagine it’s worse for your actual home. My best to her.

  2. Oh Michelle. How distressing for your Mum but who is lucky to have such a kind daughter 😀
    In my village is a thief who has been caught many times. The Spanish legal system is so slow that he is still wandering around the isolated houses still stealing. He won’t come near my apartment as my neighbours know him and they have guns.Ralph xox 😀

  3. OMC Hope, that is so terrible about your mother being robbed. I hope she’ll get over it soon. Only the idea is horrible! The Netherlands are not closing because there are to less prisoners, on the contrary, the government doesn’t have any money left to let the prisoners stay in prison, so they have to close the doors! Prisoners here in the Netherlands get a very luxury life, you know. I won’t go into this over here, but the idea that they are still walking on the streets, because of this issue, is really absurd and scared. Also they are busy closing the coffee-shops, because after this “experiment” of legalising soft-drugs, they see what a mess they made up. Children from about 12, 13 years are starting to blow their brains out and getting therapy when they’re getting older, or ruin their lives with hard drugs and going into robbery. Take care 🙂

    • I just want to say that I am not pro the legalising of soft drugs. I just mentioned it because I thought people might say that, but thank you for the clarification on the prison issue. I heard about it a few days ago but obviously not the full story. Just goes to show there is always more to a story.
      Thanks angel. I have edited my post since your comment.

  4. It is something which all South Africans are familiar with – having things you have worked hard for stolen from you. It is a culture that needs to be addressed at government level and I do not see that happening any time soon.
    I am so glad your mom was not home when they broke into her place.

  5. I am so sorry about this incident but so relieved that she was not home. (Hopefully her housemate was not either). To think what else could have transpired. What she could use in addition to a ‘present’ it two are some items which could help with her piece of mind where feeling safe is concerned – pepper spray or any other type of self defense item and heavier locks and more of them and timers for lights.

  6. It is unfortunate your mom was robbed and fortunate she wasn’t home. I don’t understand taking someone else’s property or possessions. You space becomes vulnerable and sullied.

    The Netherlands must be doing something right. We must turn the camera on them and learn what that is. 🙂

  7. This is terrible. I would suspect that the cowards that broke in knew of what age bracket may have lived there. I hope they get caught. If they weren’t so hooked on drugs they wouldn’t have to break into elderly people’s homes

  8. So sad to hear of you mum’s break in and burglary. Some people are so despicable! I’m so glad she wasn’t at home when it happened. Still, she must be somewhat traumatised. Hugs to her. 🙂

  9. Just awful, and obviously an international problem. Long ago my car was stolen, then recovered. I just hated it after that. I didn’t want to sit in the seat where the thief had been or touch the steering wheel. Such a sense of violation. I’m sure it’s worse in your home. It shouldn’t happen to anyone.

  10. I’m so sorry to read this Michelle but SO glad your mom wasn’t at home. That’s a rotten thing to happen but things can always be replaced. Hugs to you and your mom. 🙂

  11. Hope, I am sorry to hear about what happened to your mom. I can only imagine how violated she and her roommate must feel. That’s great that she has someone to share her place with, though! I think it would feel more scary if she was alone.

  12. I would be outraged as well … I am glad your mom wasn’t home either, and no one was injured … I have a great dislike for those who abuse the vulnerable — children, elderly and animals. 😦

  13. One day when my sister went into her garage to go to work her car had no wheels. All four were stolen that night- out of the garage! She lives in Pietersburg! Not a good feeling to know some burglars were in your home! I feel for your mother it happened to me too. I was home safe in bed and my dog chased them away!

  14. So sorry to hear about this assault on your mother’s place. Thankfully she wasn’t there but still it’s scary, makes one feel unsafe, and the loss of her possessions of simple pleasure could have great meaning to her. Very sweet of you to offer to help her and hopefully Santa will make up some of the damage. Tell her a stranger in California sends a hug and dogs barking energy to keep her safe from now on.

  15. It happens Esperanza. Glad mom was OK, even though she must feel extremely violated – as we all do when these rubbish people come in and take what they want.
    Then again, as long as we have criminals at the head of this country, it will continue unabated – apparently we owe them. And it continues…

  16. of course you are mad! who woldn’t be?
    so sorry for your Mom, I hope Santa will help you both, but what’s best is that she has YOU…

  17. We had a laptop computer and cell phone stolen from our house while we were home two years ago. We are not sure if it was during the day while I was around the side of the house, my husband was at the store and I left the front door unlocked OR if they came in over night when we FORGOT to lock the back door one night. To this day I am still looking for those items to turn up somewhere in our house (I know they are not here) because it seems so impossible. Lately, we have been having a rash of home invasions in our city where people just bust in while you are home and awake. It is so strange to not feel the safe cloak of “Home” in a place you are supposed to not think about danger. I smudged the house with sage and sprinkled salt across all of the thresholds. This is to get rid of the negative energy and protect the house from more intruders. We triple check the locks and that is the control we have.
    You are a good daughter for helping your mom. Good job on giving just enough without pushing too much. My Mom is 69 and as I get closer to 50 I see and understand that she wants my help, on her terms, kind of like she has all of my life :o) Best wishes and *pawkisses* to you and Mom!

    • You said it so well about how your mom wants ypur help on her terms, I think this is how my mom is too. Thanks so much for sharing that, I like that and will remember it from now on. Thanks also for the tip of the sage and salt. I know my daughter does that in her flat.

  18. So sorry to hear about your mother and this crime. I was robbed once–not home either. I felt so violated knowing that some stranger was going through and touching my things. I can’t imagine what a personal crime must feel like…

  19. The same thing happened to me mum a few years ago and when they didn’t find anything worth taking they literally TRASHED her house. ( they did eventually catch them) It’s so sad when the evil comes to your very door. It affected her for a long time. I am sorry for your mom.

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