Doing it the South African way.


Prompt: Write about whatever you’d like, but write using regional slang, your dialect, or in your accent.
Ag, you know, I sent the WordPress Prompt blokes a suggestion.  The suggestion was “Write a post phonetically.” So check what they did, they went and told everyone to write local.  But you know, I see they used their kop, cos the way I see it, after reflecting big time, the other blogging okes wont know how or what I saying. I mean, when I saw the prompt only one word came into my head “Jislaaik!” It’s like they sommer went and took my suggestion and twisted it into a blerrie koeksister.
Ja, but I’ll tell you what.  It prolly didn’t even happen that way.  I swear, they didn’t even look at my idea.  But, its laaik I said, I’m a touchy bird.  Ag shame man, I feel bad now, cos I skinnered about them. Tomorrow I’ll be feeling all bakgat again.  Still, it makes you think, doesn’t it, hey my china?

Not all South Africans speak this way.  There are many accents.  This is the one closest to me.  More the “Jo Burg joller'”or as they say lately “Jozi”

photo credit: arthurjspring via photopin cc


65 thoughts on “Doing it the South African way.

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  9. Enthralling! Wonderful to ‘hear’ the old accent again. As an expat I’ve kinda missed it. However, you didn’t include my favourite word that describes just about everything: ‘kak.’ lol.

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