Did you just hit “like” without reading?

Like books

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Today’s NaBloPoMo. Tell us what you’ve learned so far about daily blogging.

In the cyber world

What I’ve learned about blogging is that the blogging community is made up of very special, kind, and decent human beings.  Yes, there is the odd obnoxious one every now and then.   We are all really very similar, regardless of which country we are from.   Some people use their blog as a personal journal, others blog about business, sport or photography.   It is fun belonging to the global village.

I’d like to share with you my thoughts, and what I’ve learned regarding the “like” button.  Every now and then I come across bloggers not being terribly happy about people hitting the “like” button rather than commenting.  I know that some have taken the “Like” option off their blogs.  I don’t blame them for this because it can really knock the wind out of ones sails if you have worked really hard on a post, and as soon as you publish it, the “likes” flow too quickly, and it becomes obvious that the post was not read.  There are only a handful of people who “like” without reading though.  Here is the good news!  There is a flip side to the “like” button too…

In real life


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When someone compliments you, tells you your hair looks gorgeous, or you have a nice shirt on, or you are wearing a gorgeous pair of shoes, well, these can be seen as ”Likes” in real world,  just in cyberspace we do it in the cyber way.

Back to cyber the world

Most of the time I have something to say, and I will comment, but there are times that I will give only a “like,” and I believe there are many who give likes for the same reasons.

Here are my reasons for hitting the “Like” button:

The post was very informative, even a little over my head, and I could not add anything constructive – then a “like” is in order.

The post was heart wrenching to the core, and I feel that I cannot find the right words.  Sometimes, in cases like this,  I might leave a message which will say something about not having the right words, but that I do feel for them, and of course I would hit the “like.”

There are the times that  I “like” when my time is limited, the post is very long, and I have basically speed read through the post.  Often, in cases like that, I will “like” for the moment with the intention of coming back, and reading properly when I have more time.

There have been times that I have not felt very well, and have visited bloggers posts, but have “liked” rather than commenting, to acknowledge that I have read and that appreciate the post.

I LOVE browsing through photography posts, and since I am an amateur photographer, I don’t have any advice to give the professionals.  In those cases I “like” very often, just simply because I am in awe.

So all in all, the “like” is a good and positive thing, and I welcome it with open arms.  Thank you for the “likes” I have received in the past, and I hope you appreciate mine too.  I wouldn’t give a “like” just for no reason at all.  There will always be a reason.

It would be wonderful if we had an additional button to the “like” and that would be a “Love” button.  There have been so many times that I have wished that there was a “love” button.

PS: Edit.  A *hugs* button would be great too!


photo credit: erin leigh mcconnell via photopin cc


130 thoughts on “Did you just hit “like” without reading?

  1. Hahahaha, are we not all guilty to some degree or other. Now this little ol’ me often do it it on excessive long blogs when I lack time to read it then, but want the blogger to know I have taken note, but I do not delete it, and then sometime when the time is there I go back and read. I will admit that maybe one or two during the month may fall away between the chairs.

  2. I do like to get comments knowing that people read my posts but if they only looked at the photos and liked that, it is also a nice compliment. Definitely agree with there having to be a Love button……. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Great post! I feel so encouraged when someone likes my posts. I love receiving comments too, they really help build friendships etc. 🙂
    I sometimes worry that people think i’m not reading their posts, because as i’m registered blind i find the ‘Reader’ too clunky to use so i get everyone’s posts via email. So when my screenreader has finished reading it to me i hold the ‘command’ key and press on the ‘Like’ button. This opens up Safari in the background and likes the post, while i carry on to the next post in my emails. BUT sometimes this doesn’t work and i have to go back through each post on Safari and i end up liking (again) lots of posts quickly! This doesn’t happen too often but like you said it can seem like i’m not reading the posts. 🙂
    Sorry for the long winded explanation, i love your blog by the way! 😀

    • Thank you so much for adding your reasons, Steve. This yet another reason why the “like” button is such a good thing! Never to worry about a long comment, I love them, and thank you for sharing about yourself too.

  4. I want a “Like”, “Love” and “I Empathize” option for all things in the cyber world.

    I am used to message boards, where if everyone else has already said what I want to, I just move on. Here I use like to at least acknowledge, in my mind, that I am in agreement with the tone of the post and posters. If I have a conflict, then I will post.

    Photography posts I tend to just like more often, unless I can speak directly to an element in the picture. I feel like a spambot just saying “beautiful” all the time (though I am sincere with it).

  5. I am as guilty as anyone of skimming the reader and ‘liking’ – it is still genuine and usually relates to the picture first displayed – if it is really good I will dig some more. The same principle applies to words – the biggest enemy in all of this is ‘time’ but I read all of your post 🙂

  6. It’s always nice to receive ‘likes’ and when someone comments on my photographs with something positive, no matter how simple, it makes me feel wonderful! As you’ve already said, sometimes I don’t have time to read an entire post if it’s a lengthy one and on those occasions I will click the ‘like’ button with the intention of reading it properly later, when I can give it my full attention. Unfortunately, unless I keep that post open on my laptop I sometimes forget and some do slip by. Ultimately, we all have other responsibilities and do what we can, when we can… if we miss a post or only ‘like’ it, it doesn’t mean we don’t care. Great post 🙂

  7. You’ve hit the nail on the head! I often hit “like” without commenting for one of the reasons you mentioned – obviously I couldn’t do it on this post as that would be too ironic :-).

    I also agree with NotAPunkRocker above – an “I empathise” button (with an “s” for the English, of course) would be great. Sometimes I hit like after a post detailing something dreadful and I feel terrible – I “liked” that they had the courage to write about it, I didn’t “like” what they were going through!

  8. I love that you give reasons you hit like instead of posting a comment! I find most times I hit like I can’t think of anything to say OR the subject matter is troubling and I have to distance my self in order to keep my anxiety down. I have PTSD and some subjects are just things I need to stay away from. Some days I can handle it but most I can’t. 😦 I hope no one thinks I only like and don’t read because I don’t care. Sometimes I can’t emotionally afford to care.

  9. Very good post. And as I can see, many of us have this in common. Between classes and posting myself I try to read as much as I can, because what others have to say is important for me, so I try to give my attention as time allows me to support the comments and post I come across as i appreciate others taking the time to read what I have to say. God bless.

  10. Really great post Michelle, one that many here on WordPress have issues with. I removed the Like button for one reason only – Like Spammers. This is something I really did not want to do but I also don’t want to help the page rank for the spam community. Supposedly, WP is working on a solution for this. Odd that the largest, most popular blog platform around does not have what I and others see as a basic necessity for website maintenance.

  11. That’s a pretty cool photo – the ‘like’ card 😀
    I try to read everything in my feeds and leave as much feedback as I can – even if it’s just a version of ‘like’. I have no ieda what most people think, but I’d like to think that if I leave, I really like this… it means more than hitting a button – and it doesn’t take too long. I’ve been pretty out of sorts this week, so I haven’t contributed as much as I’d like.

  12. I never hit ‘Like’ without reading, but sometimes on bloggers I know I do it first and read afterwards. I do very occasionally ‘unlike’ when the post doesn’t live up to my expectations. I do prefer to comment as well, but sometimes at least the ‘Like’ shows I have been there. when time is tight.

  13. Love this post! I sometimes like and don’t leave a comment because I don’t feel a cat has got any advice to give on the subject unless it’s really, really impawtant or my human pushes me out of the way and types a reply! But I like because I enjoed the post or I learnt something or I appreciated it etc. Love your blog! Lots of Bisous and hugs!

  14. I will occasionally click like on a post I haven’t read in its entirety, but that’s infrequent.
    Lately I find myself using the like button more and commenting less.

  15. I like posts and then try very hard to leave a comment, even if it’s a compliment on the post itself. If I feel like enough time has passed that the other blogger and I aren’t making a connection, I may unsubscribe, but I don’t do that very often. Sometimes you feel like you are talking to yourself.

  16. I agree with all the points you have made about the ‘Like” button. All are valid and I have been rushed a time or two when a long post doesn’t leave room for much to say but I liked the content. I work hard at commenting even if it’s short and sweet. I like to know a post has been appreciated and read by me.

    Fabulous post. 😉

  17. I haven’t hit “like” yet, but commenting that I LOVE this post because it explains why some of us actually read the post first but don’t always say so. Sometimes I really do love a post but don’t have a whole lot of time to comment or I can’t think of the words to tell how or why I like it but I want the writer to know I like it and am not totally missing in action. Like when my doggie died, I just could not think straight so I hit a lot of likes instead of commenting. Sometimes “liking” is just the best I can do. *hugs*

  18. i try to comment on every like I ‘hit’ – but sometimes my time is limited and sometimes i cannot get the app on my phone to cooperate. here is something strange – i have commented lately on quite a few posts and discovered that the like never ‘stuck’ i know i hit the icon, i saw the orange star, but then…….oh dear.

  19. Isn’t it funny you have to spell out the positives to people? It is a great story to persuade readers to comment. Your right, we all enjoy it when others do take the time to say what they think about our efforts. I know it even takes me time to reply in a way that I hope conveys a message of gratitude at the acknowledgement. Hug coming your way! 🙂

  20. Awesome blog post. I *liked* everything you said, in fact I thought it applies to me very well as well. Most of the times I try to comment, but there are so many reasons – that you enumerated – why sometimes I just want to Like so that I show “I have been here”.

    *Hugs* Button Here 😀

  21. I may not always have time to leave a comment, but if I take the time to go through my reader and like a post, it almost always means I read it. There are very few exceptions.

    Great post Michelle. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  22. sometimes its a photo that I like which only requires a quick response. If it’s a written piece I might like now and comment later. I try to comment only when the spirit moves me

  23. Great post! I find that I hit the like button if it’s just a photo and a few words. But when the author has taken the time to actually write more than one paragraph, I read and comment. Wishing you a great weekend.

  24. I so agree that there should be a love button. Some posts deserve at least 10 stars. 🙂 I know exactly what you mean about the likes which appear as soon as your blog has posted. These people rarely if ever comment, and I feel no connection to them at all. I always like/love your posts. Hugs to you. 🙂

  25. I read every post I get to see on the reader from WP I scroll read and LIKE to tell you I have been there but when I am on Feedly.com where I follow my favorites and they have a rss feed for me to follow I do. I have been in lots of pain and trying to do this place and make pretty things for sale to heat this winter but I always read the pots I like just can’t always reply 😦 though I try 🙂

  26. VERY PROVOCATIVE my dear! I hit LIKE if it is catchy or entertaining.

    If I comment I always hit the like button too as I REALLY LIKE IT.

    If I LOVE it I will proclaim such ♥♥♥.

    The appreciation that someone LIKES my simple photos is enough. My expectations are simple but the interaction is also quite nice!

  27. You are so right about the like button – at times I too feel there is nothing more to add, but I still want to let the writer know I was visiting their blog. So here is a like to let you know I was here, a comment because I agree and did not want you to think I did not read your blog and a hug because you asked!! We all need a daily supply of hugs!! Blessings.

  28. Good topic :). And yes, sometimes it annoys me when people just “like” when it’s obvious that they haven’t read something I worked very hard on. But then I get over myself and am grateful for it… like you more or less say. I do try and read a whole post before I like it, though once in a blue moon I am guilty of “speed reading” as well.

  29. I don’t understand what would motivate someone to click like on a post the haven’t read. I have no problem with the like button. I know the number of people who comment are just a small proportion of the people who read posts. I like that I have a way to know that people liked what I wrote even if they didn’t feel they had anything to say or didn’t feel comfortable leaving a comment.

  30. Just want to share, my partner has the same concern as yours. I was about to explain why I don’t comment in some or most of his blogs and just hit the liked button, but unfortunately I failed for some reason. Anyways, there are blogs that are indeed overwhelming and as a reader sometimes I feel speechless and no words seemed to be coming out so I just hit the liked. There are occasions also that the topics of his blogs are all about me, which are not so good, like he wrote them after a fight with me. So I really can’t make a comment as I don’t want to sound obvious for other readers or be misinterpreted for picking a fight online. However, despite the not so good topics because they are on a personal note, I still find the topics really good, interesting, inspiring, educational and well written, so I hit the liked button. Truth…it is my way of letting him know that I read them all, not just once but multiple times, even those that I don’t really like because they are either negative things about me or just about his naughtiness. Guess better put the love button in addition, to say it best.

Namaste. My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.

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