It was only when I shoved the broom out of the window…


Yesterday my littlest daughter (7) called me, sounding a little terrified.  In a flash my eldest daughter and I arrived in my daughter’s room.
“There’s a wasp!”  Said my littlest daughter, with fear in her voice.
When I saw the wasp I understood why, it was huge.  I told littlest daughter to stand in the passage.  I closed the wasp in the room and ran for my first weapon of defence.  Yes! You guessed it; the broom.  Rushing back I saw that eldest daughter (20) was standing there with littlest one making sure she was ok.
I took a deep breath, and opened the door.  I tried to push him out of the window with the broom. All the while, eldest daughter kept laughing and telling me that I should rather let her do it.  I must have been quite a sight running around the room chasing the wasp with a broom.
“Give my one good reason why I can’t get this wasp out of here?” I asked.
“Well, firstly, you’re too short!” she said, still having a good old guffaw.
“Too short my foot!” I said! (There’s a pun in there, somewhere)
This only fuelled my determination to get the wasp out.  Just then, the wasp settled on the edge of the broom, and I just stuck the broom out of the window, gave it a little shake, and the wasp was free.
I can just hear some of you thinking that I could have used some sort of spray to terminate him, but to be honest; I would rather see him flying off without me having to do the dirty.

Day 2

photo credit: piscochile / Hugh Honeyman via photopin cc

44 thoughts on “It was only when I shoved the broom out of the window…

  1. We had a couple of ninja wasps in our kitchen the other week.. took ages to get them out.. They are getting more daring each year.. Of course this set the dogs off and they were leaping about thinking their mother was playing the rent-a-looney game 😀

  2. Good for you! Actually, the automatic grabbing of insecticides and vermicides and weed-killer is causing untold damage to the environment. Big business tries to brush it under the carpet, but it is so – a completely verifiable conspricacy theory.

  3. I’m glad you managed to free the little fella without hurting him.
    You must have looked a sight rushing around with the broom! Sometimes I get frustrated while doing stuff like this – I start yelling at the wee beastie that hey, I’m trying to get you out safely you know, so cooperate!

  4. That’s a funny story!
    My daughter is terrified of any kind of flying stinging thing since she was stung by the same bee about six times on her back when she was little swimming in a friend’s pool. It was under her t-shirt and had stung her all those times by the time we got her shirt off.
    I have to kill wasps when they get in our house or shoo them out with a fly swatter if they are close enough to the door.

  5. I’m a “capture and release” kind of a girl. 🙂 While wasps are my least favorite bug to get out of the house (spiders are fine by me), I will patiently wait for it to settle on a window and use a paper towel to cover it, then carefully scoop it up within the folds and run outside to shake it free. It usually works. 😉

    Nice story. I like the pun, by the way! 🙂

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