A day in the life of myself…

Daily Prompt: Write a post in the style of (or simply inspired by) a favorite author. Well, there is no way I would be able to write like my favourite authors and it would be rather presumptuous of me too, so there for, I am writing just like myself.

Usually I reserve my Sunday mornings to catch up on a bit of sleep because of having to get up at 4.45 on the mornings in the week.  Some Sundays I’m not that lucky though, such as yesterday, I was woken by a little child and from that moment on it was just getting on with the things that need doing.  I started cleaning up and was getting ready to wash the dishes.  The water coming out of the tap was freezing cold, so I thought I’d let it run a little whilst I did a quick squiz through the house to see if I had missed any dishes.  On entering the lounge, a scene caught my eye through the window.  My bird, who has a huge cage on the deck had once again managed to get himself out of his cage and was perched on the armrest of a chair, and not too far away was my cat “His Royal Highness” getting ready to pounce.
Quickly, I had to get the keys, unlock, and get hold of the bird.  Fortunately for me the bird came flying to me immediately (he sits on my shoulder often) and let me hold him, but when I tried to put him back in  his cage he didn’t want to go and all the time HRH was watching, wiggling his body to pounce.  Anyway, eventually I got the bird in the cage, all the time calling for one of the kids to help me, but evidently no one heard me.  So all was fine and well, until I got back to the kitchen that is – you remember the water I was running to get it a little warm for the dishes, well, I had put the plug in the sink, and you can guess the rest…water, water, everywhere!
Nothing unusual about me being forgetful and letting things get out of hand, just being my normal blonde self. *sigh*  😦

47 thoughts on “A day in the life of myself…

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  4. Forgetfulness is definitely not reserved for blondes! I have done stuff like that more times than I can count! I’m glad your bird is okay! What kind of bird do you have? I used to have a grey Cockatiel who sat on my shoulder and nibbled my ear and sang. But his favorite thing to do was sing to himself as he sat on the bathroom counter looking in the mirror!

    Lovely rose! I have my latest pics of my Hydrangeas painting on my blog now. Let me know what you think! http://whitefeatherfloating.wordpress.com

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  7. Very accurate verbal visual. Yes, I wish your children came to assist AND take a photo of this drama! I had a Moluccan Cockatoo that used to eat holes in the walls. ( and threatened me) poor abducted wild bird he was. ( Not by me, I was the 4th owner, sad)

  8. Welcome to the club Michelle and don’t feel bad. I have lots of blonde moments here and well, the days that I don’t want anyone to see them are the worst ones. 😆 I am just glad you could rescue birdie before the little prince got to him. What kind of bird is it? Sounds like Tweety and Sylvester. hehehehe
    Great shot of that beautiful rose hon. Is that one from your garden as well? It’s gorgeous! 😀 *hugs*

  9. A day in the life of a fool
    A sad and a long lonely day
    I walk the avenue
    And hope I’ll run into
    The welcome sight of you
    Coming my way…

    sorry! i got carried away there…
    Have a nice day you…;-)

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