Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge Round up for week – Round up and start of new week 5.


I took this picture of His Royal Highness on Sunday as he was taking a Sunday nap, and no, not an afternoon nap, but an all day nap.  This poor old couch is so old, but he has taken such a liking to the couch I think I will have to keep it for him.  This is how he sleeps most of the time… He spreads himself around quite evenly, don’t you think?
Here are all the links to those who took part last week.  Thank you so much to all.  I so love seeing what you have to show each week.





















The new week is now open.  If you’d like to take part, here is how:
1. Just simply do a post of your pets or pets of your friends or family.  You may also post pictures and stories of
    animals that may live near to where you live and come and eat food you may leave out for them. Eg, you may have a bird feeder in your garden.
2. Link back here and head your post as “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge”
3.  Display the logo on your post or on your sidebar.
Have fun!

91 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge Round up for week – Round up and start of new week 5.

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  2. Yes an all day nap and once everyone in the
    household tries having their own nap the felines
    come to life and wake everyone up 🙂

    That’s the beauty of having a cat in the house 🙂 lol

    Have a fun evening Michelle 🙂

    Andro xxxx

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  6. cain’t blame the lad…the awefully tough time he has with you tires him out…a man need his rest from all this talkin’ you know…he has long thoughts too you know…lol…nice one you…

  7. The majority of Syd’s photos are her sleeping on her back – it is just soooo funny. His Royal Highness looks so relaxed……

    Syd will be popping up in a few hours:)

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  15. Awwww, he is just so adorable Michelle! Love the way he spreads himself all over. I think you must keep that couch for him. He loves it and I like it too. Great shot hon. 😀 *big hugs*

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  23. I have just discovered your challenge, I love it 🙂 What day of the week do you start your new challenge? I will have to search through some of my foster pets to show you.

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