It tickles my senses


How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.

This prompt made me think of the old days when all the ladies wore hats to church.  My mom had two rather ornate church hats and then my Aunty Gerty who was an Afrikaans lady, had quite few church hats.  I, as a little girl was quite intrigued at the different styles and artiness of church hats, but I digress.  I think it is important to dress accordingly for business meetings or even church for that matter, although the church seems to be much more modern now and the old-fashioned styles are not necessary anymore.   There was a time years ago also when people wore their “Sunday best”  to the doctor.  Do you even have a “Sunday best” anymore?

For me though, I do have different sets of clothes for different occasions, because as I said, I feel that one should present oneself in a specific way for specific reasons. For my normal everyday clothing though, living in South Africa it is quite hot, so the lighter cottony fabrics appeal to me.  I like the lighter colours too. I love textured cotton.  One of my favourite tops is a white cotton top with a vintage style lace around the collar.  I love modern vintage, love the mixture of a good pair of jeans with a vintage or very cottony looking top.  That works for me and of course earings, I totally adore earings and have many pairs.

For men, I like the crisp look too.  I must say though that if I cast my mind back to how some of the men used to dress quite a few years ago; a crisp shirt and trousers with that casual sports jacket and the soft wispy smell of aftershave…even now, on the odd occasion seeing a man, no matter the what the age, dressed and smelling so clean and fresh most certainly tickles my senses.


44 thoughts on “It tickles my senses

  1. Well…we don’t have anymore the “Sundays outfit” it’s gonne at least 30 years back! I’m confortable in casual outfit but yes i dress each every time in concondance with the event…even though I prefer pants not skirt…:)

  2. All folks wear these days are blue jeans and tees. even in church. The churches here have wised up and allowed a very relaxed dress code to get folks through the doors.

    • I think that is wonderful, and I agree that it does get more people through the doors. I was just reminiscing about how it was in the old days here. 🙂
      I haven’t been to church in years but have noticed that it is now very casual, which is good 🙂

  3. I love this glimpse of your personality in this post. I’m a big fan of earrings too!
    Interesting that you mention the relaxed dress in churches, because here in traditional Ireland most of the population heads to church/chapel and ‘Sunday best’ is still worn. The younger generation aren’t quite as formal and you do see jeans but generally it’s a time to dress up and I quite like that.
    Hugs 🙂

    • I find that here too, certain churches have a more formal “Sunday best” type style, but the others are more casual. It is interesting to hear what life is like in Ireland, Carolyn 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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  6. I still feel nostalgic about the days when one dressed up far more often – even to go to the cinema!
    I don’t think that fashions now are very flattering for men or for women.

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  8. We used to have Sunday best, but these days it is all different. Still it is nice to dress up, like when you go to the theatre too, that is also no more these days. I try to look good all the time but do have just house clothes to relax in when no one is coming and you feel like lounging around all day. hehe

  9. Mostly, I’m casual, casual, casual – strictly jeans and sneakers. But once every couple of weeks I need to go out to a school and watch a student-teacher do a lesson and then evaluate her progress and make sure she continues in the right direction. Then I dress like a teacher. Dress or skirt, blazer, tights, and shoes or boots.

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  12. The choice of clothing dictates how you want to present to the world. ( feeling brain dead tonight ) but I hope you understand what I mean?

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  14. I’ve always been into clothes; colors and fabrics. I must admit. It is fun and why not dress up once on a while. Great post! I always loved all the hats the ladies wore to church especially at Easter…great memory, thanks.

  15. I have a best but it is not for use on Sundays. I have a best for job interviews, and weddings, or special occasions. But then I would feel silly wearing these to a Sunday markets, as it would feel overdressed. I like the cotton/linen tops as well with some slightly worn in jeans, as a casual comfortable look. Love the swan photo.

  16. I’m only 22 and I still have a “Sunday Best”. I guess it was how I was raised. If just one of us doesn’t have something clean that we feel is “nice” enough for church; we don’t go. I hate how now people just feel like they can go anywhere in pjs. I normally dress like you said, to the situation. But if it’s just normal everyday, in town or going to dinner I normally wear whatever fits my mood. If I’m feeling nostalgic I wear my nerdy tshirts with a blazer jeans and chunky jewelry, or if i want to feel pretty I love vintagey and nautical themed stuff. I also have a thing for black skirts or shorts with colored/designed leggings. I try to not go out looking lazy or tired. I feel like it makes me look sloppy and lazy. I’d rather put a little more time into getting dressed and feeling good about myself. I feel that the more confidence you have the more confident and well spirited people you attract.

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