Should I have this checked?


It all started on Wednesday.  I broke a tooth in the back of my mouth, and since I had previously had a root canal treatment on the tooth it did not hurt very much.  I took myself off to the dentist because it was quite sharp.  After much discussion it was decided that the tooth should rather come out, and a bridge could be organised.  When the dentist tried to take my tooth out it just wouldn’t budge.  So, after looking at the x-ray again I was told that the roots of the tooth had grown onto my the bone. They drilled the tooth loose. I was just about hopping out of the dentists chair with pain.

Since then my jaw has been blue and swollen, and I have a huge amount of pain, and my head has been throbbing like crazy.  I woke up on Wednesday night with a mouth and pillow full of blood.  I have been given antibiotics and pain pills.  The pain pills aren’t helping terribly much, I swear I would rather have labour pains.  I’m not sure if I should be going to have this checked or if I’m being a wimp, but it is terribly painful.  The dentist says that I should come back in two weeks to have the stitches out – let me tell you.  I’m far too scared, I wish I could take the stitches out myself.

Do you think I should have it checked out? – or perhaps this is normal according to the work that was done one my mouth?


83 thoughts on “Should I have this checked?

  1. Yes of course you should have it checked. It is obviously affecting your quality of life. Get it checked, I had a tooth issue a while back and ended up getting a dental abscess, not fun. Better safe than sorry. It is better to know the truth than worry about what might be. I wish you all the best in your recovery and I hope you are feeling better soon my friend!!

    • The thing is that they said my jaw would be bruised and quite sore, this is why I’m questioning myself – because they said that, but it is just the severity of the pain that I wonder about.

  2. If you’re worried it wouldn’t hurt to have it checked out. Is it still all swollen?
    To be honest I’m not the person to be giving tooth advice. The back half of one of my bottom front teeth “fell off” a couple of weeks ago. I’m ignoring it.

  3. I am not certain to be honest – i always go by what my gut thinks and it seems to me that your gut is having doubts as to what is happening being ‘the right thing’. Are you rinsing your mouth out with warm salt water? Also, a cold ice pack on the jaw will help with the bruising and swelling. I would go to the doctor way before two weeks if you are still having issues.

  4. Neither here nor there but really Esperanza!
    If I woke up with a pillow covered in blood, I’d be at the cause of it at the ass crack of dawn.
    In any case – rather safe than sorry.
    In answer to your question though, yes. You should have it checked out.

  5. I would call them first thing in the morning and tell them about the amount of blood you have seen and see what they think. As far as the pain, I think that is normal considering what they have done to your mouth. I know from my own experiences jaw and mouth pain can remain for some time

    • This is why I’m questioning myself. The blood could be from me biting too hard whilst sleeping and they said my jaw would be blue and swollen…
      Thnks for your advice Terry, I really apprecite it.

  6. With this kind of extraction of roots, it can last sometimes a few month, before it heals properly. I had a bad extraction too a few years ago, but I only use Homeopathic and natural remedies and that did help me very well. If you want I tell you which remedies you can use to heal. Healing Pawkisses are on your way anyhow 🙂

      • This is okay, Hope. It’s information anyone can use 🙂

        Homeopathic remedies: Arnica D30 stops the pain and the bleeding. You can take 5 granules a day, untill you feel that the pain is less.
        When you still feel pain you can use Hypericum D6, 3 times a day, untill it feels better. This is when a nerve has been damaged. DON’t TAKE Hypericum IF YOU USE any kind of TRANQUILLIZERS like SSRI’s!!

        Tea of Herbs like Salvia officinalis you can use to rinse your mouth. It’s anti-inflammatory.
        Drink Camomile tea to calm the pain.3 cups a day.

        Try to remember: When you have to go to the dentist again, always take Arnica in a lower dose, D6 or D12, before and after the extraction, that helps against the aftermath of eventual outcomes.

        I hope you can use this information. If the pain doesn’t go away, or you don’t feel okay, please contact me. There are more remedies which can help in “hard cases”. Wish you a prosperous healing. Big Pawkiss 🙂

  7. I’m really sorry to hear about your teeth. I had this problem recently, I must agree, had 5 kids so far, bring on the labor pains rather then a tooth ache. If i ever doubt that there is God in heaven, doubt no more. The pain was so intense, I had to wail out loud while my children went alone to their bedrooms. I never even had one painkiller at childbirth, so I know I can endure pain. This pain was beyond my endurance. It has been building up and I had no desire to see my dentist any more. I was going there too many times in the last few months. I hardly could eat on both sides of my mouth, lost a lot of weight, but still wasn’t prepared for any more drilling! That particular night my husband had pity on me and prayed to Jesus asking for healing. After an hour I went to bed and slept like a baby. In the morning I was no pain, but I developed a massive abscess. Even though I bought a book prior ‘Cure tooth decay’ which I recommend with all of my heart, I wasn’t motivated to read it. There is so much other good reading I could be doing, while you don’t have a killer pain in your tooth it doesn’t seem so relevant. So, at this point I had to go see a dentist, no time to read through it to find out what to do. While at the dentist, her computer froze and she could not read my x-ray. I had to go home without further help or solution. Then it hit me on the head: perhaps I should read the book I bought. I did. And praise God in high heaven when they called me and offered root canal I was ready to do something about my tooth myself. Never went back, no pain, no teeth problems. I’m one happy woman. I hope your tooth problems will be resolved. You can do lots of things to help your own teeth even at this stage. Sea salt solutions to rinse with, fermented fish oil to rub on & take, raw milk and liver to eat to prevent tooth decay. This book is cheaper in kindle edition (if you are buying 2nd edition is best) = Ramiel Nagel ‘Cure Tooth decay’. God bless & may our amazing God heals your problem, I pray with all my heart.

  8. Maybe it’s time for a second opinion? I went to a new Dentist, and she was a nightmare. I went to a second Dentist and he removed the crown the first Dentist put in and found she’d left 2 of the canals open on what was supposed to be a finished root canal. They can screw up, too. I now see the 2nd Dentist as my Dentist.

  9. I think you need to go back to that dentist and tell him about the terrible pain. Surely there is something they can give you to ease it. And a second opinion is a darned tood idea too. Salt water rinse is always soothing and healing, but the bleeding should slow down. Don’t take aspirin or Vitamin E (they are blood thinners that cold be causing the excessive bleeding).

  10. Seconding the second opinion if you’re not comfortable with what your dentist has to say Monday, and also seconding salt water rinses. Salt water kills some bacteria. Check with your dentist first. I hope the pain eases off quickly!

  11. I wouldn’t be waiting 2 days never mind 2 weeks… I also think he should have told you what was involved.. Alas I often don’t question enough either but I’m learning to more and more… I’d maybe go to your doctor … if not to another dentist …So sorry .. I hurt for you Diane

  12. I managed a dental office for 7 years and though I hesitate to give advice……get another opinion ASAP. Roots that have been removed to not keep growing into your jaw . It is most likely another issue that requires medical attention ASAP…( Psst ASAP as infection can kill you) A bridge takes two perfectly good teeth on either side and compromises them for good. An implant would be a better solution but this is secondary to the immediate issue – please seek help tomorrow? ~HUGS~

  13. Sounds to me like it’s getting worse Michelle and I am sorry to hear that you are in so much pain still. Rather go back to that dentist of yours and if you’re still not satisfied, go to someone else as well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery sweetness. 😀 *big hugs*

  14. Get it checked! You should never be in pain when at the dentist. Uncomfortable, maybe. But not in pain. And you should never have blood on your pillow either.

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