Live in the moment


Write a six-word story about what you think the future holds for you, and then expand on it in a post.

Six Words:

Hope, love, happiness, health, peace, tranquility

Expand on it:

Isn’t that what we all want or what most of us want?  I am working towards being less affected and more peaceful within myself, and I have done quite well recently.  My usual state of mind would be what one would call a nervous wreck, but somehow I have managed to start waking up in the morning and telling myself that today and everyday I will be calm and the day will be good.  I hope in the future to have this happen automatically without me telling myself that.

Other than that, I wish to continue doing the work I do and to get better and better at it.  I wish for health and happiness for my children.  I don’t have great desires to drive fancy sports cars or to live in a huge mansion.  I am happy and very grateful for what I have. Those are my hopes for the future.

We can’t tell what the future will hold, we don’t know which way our lives will go, obviously, but we can hope and live each day to the best of our abilities.


35 thoughts on “Live in the moment

  1. Brings this to mind … “Thankfully, persistence is a great substitute for talent.” ― Steve Martin and the other one…. “The greatest act of faith some days is to simply get up and face another day.” ― Amy Gatliff

  2. Thank you Michelle for the motivation and inspiration today. I am at a crossroads moment myself right now, and maintaining the attitude that if I have faith, then the next step will be revealed to me and there is nothing to worry about, but I find myself worrying and wanting to force things. The future will happen if I don’t do anything. I am sure that the future holds great things for you!!

    • I understand about the worry and wanting to force things. I suddenly realised just recently that patience really is a virtue and that it is ok to take a small step back with the intention of moving forward. I believe that things will work out for you, Jon…in fact I know they will.

  3. One of the characters in Supernatural said something that I think we can all take to heart.
    You decide to be fine until the end of the week. And you be fine, with a smile. And next week, you decide to be fine again. And you do this with a smile. Or you don;t do it at all…
    Ultimately, that’s all we can really do Esperanza – decide to be fine.
    I hope you get your wish…

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