Looking at my pictures of my recent trip to Europe, I realise that I must like architecture very much, because most of my pictures are of old buildings.  France has some absolutely amazing buildings and for that matter so does England and Germany.  I thought I’d share this picture with you today.  We were on a boat on the river Seine, I took this fleetingly under a bridge we passed through.  I didn’t have much hope the picture because the boat passed under it quite fast, but it turned out ok.  The prompt today for photography is to show learning.  Well, I must say I certainly learnt a lot on this trip.  The whole trip was a most wonderful history lesson.


62 thoughts on “Learning

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  4. Cape Town has an abundance of old buildings, integrated to some extent by more modern buildings. But I find those old buildings spooky at night lol. When I want to get away from home, I book myself in a hotel, normally near or in the Waterfront, and often walk at night….but jissoe

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  6. Old buildings have as much history as the country or the residents residing within those walls . . . to me, I regard them as a person, incapable of speech, obviously, but showing enough to tell me a whole story. Love this photo!! 😉

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  8. Such a cool pic that Esperanza.
    For me it’s not so much the architecture, but the history that I love. The agelessness of the buildings. And they are invariably much more pleasing to the eye than modern things.
    Well, my eye in any case 😉

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  14. I was going to guess the photo was taken from a gondola in Venice! Nevertheless another brilliant shot – I love the feeling of depth going through to the other pillars … you have quite an eye there Ms Hope 🙂

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