Chance or commmunity chest?


What bores you?

I smiled when I saw this prompt today…the answer is simple.  What bores the living daylights out of me is board games, or should I say “Bored games.”  I can’t stand them and especially get extra bored when a game such as Monopoly is being played and people take for ever to decide what they’re going to sell or buy etc.  The only board game I can handle, but then it must be played a little faster than normal is Chess.

Playing cards is a little better for me.  I like playing Rummy, and a game of poker can also be quite fun…TSK, TSK – I said poker, not poke her! Some of your minds, really. 😳

So in general, if you want to get me yawning, pull out the board games 😆


photo credit: Usonian via photopin cc

32 thoughts on “Chance or commmunity chest?

  1. The most boring game to me is Risk. When folks take forever deciding their next move, I want to flip the board off the table and shout, “Nuclear warfare, we all die!”

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  3. chess I used to play waaayyyy back. I love Poker. We play twice a month for money, coupled with cigars lol. Only board game I love now is 30 seconds, and then Chinese Dominoes.

    • There was a time a few years ago that I also played poker about once a week, for money – but not a lot of money, small change money – It was great fun. No cigars though 🙂
      Thanks Rem.

  4. I remember playing the board game Risk with my cousins. Now that was never boring as the game extended from the board into the rest of the dining room. What fun we used to have 🙂

  5. I also don’t like Monopoly – but purely because I’m so competitive and if there’s a chance I’m not going to win … well, let’s just say it ain’t pretty!

    I don’t know how to play chess, nor poker; so I guess I’ll just have to play a round of rummy with you!

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  8. Bored games are boring except chess indeed! Haven’t played in years. As a kid I played in a neighborhood Monopoly tournament. We even had ribbons for awards! It took days to finish it all.

    • Chess is a good game to play, I also haven’t played in years. Time for me to dig out the old chess set, me thinks 🙂 Lots of patience is required for Monopoly 🙂
      Thanks John.

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  10. I love rummy. Years ago I had a friend who worked nights at the front desk in the apartment building we lived in. I was always a night owl, so we would play rummy his entire 8 hour shift. I can understand why you feel the way you do about Monopoly – but what about Scrabble? Waving at you from Cape Cod.

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