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Todays Daily PromptYou have the power to enact a single law. What would it be?

Many years ago I was part of one of those team building exercises.  The exercise on this day was as follows; the group of people all had to hold hands and make a circle, two people were left out of the hand holding circle because they had to try and wiggle their way into the circle.  The hand holders were instructed not to let these two people into the circle at all.
It was terrible to see how upset and almost hysterical the two “outsiders” got when they couldn’t get through into the group.  One or two of the hand holding group disobeyed the instruction of not letting them in (take a guess who?) and let go of the others hand so as to let them in.  I’m not too sure what the object of this exercise was, I don’t remember the explanation, but what I do remember was that I was quite upset by it, about how the people wouldn’t let the two in…under any circumstances.
I find and see this happening in life so often and even on facebook, where people are totally intolerant of others, even though they themselves don’t realise that there are some who are actually tolerating them.   They will not let anyone in or accept them into groups or communities and will not take the time to tactfully and kindly work out what ever is bothering them with those particular people.  They would choose to make brash statements of how they don’t like this or that and will even go so far as, as the expression goes, “cut off their noses to spite their faces” because of their lack of benevolence.
In reply to the prompt, my law would be one of practicing benevolence.

photo credit: JohnBurke via photopin cc

46 thoughts on “The law of…

  1. I couldn’t agree more there should be a law against penguins holding hands (or flippers), the nerve of some critters!… Oh wait, your not talking about that… Yes practicing benevolence is good too… 😉

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  3. I know that competition is very strong today. I think also too many people look at criticism as a hobby instead of looking in their own glass mirrors

  4. Excellent law. I’d pass it. To expand on that law I would have a “Pay It Forward” law. If someone does an act of kindness to you then you have to do the same for someone else, if you are of capable mind and body.

  5. we played that exercise as a game when we were children, I were never able to take part, without doing as you did, letting people in.Even playing at keeping somebody out makes something with you, so along with your really great new law, I would add some mandatory exercises to get used to the new regime, practice some times every day at being good, at being kind, at letting other persons into your life….and then repeat.Love, Solveig

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  7. I would vote for it as well Hope as it so needed. This made me think about the ones we have here in our little town … those “clicks” that think they are “above” ordinary people like us. But you are right, in the end they are doing exactly what you said – “cutting their noses to spite their faces”. I’ve never needed people like them in my life and don’t want to. Lovely post hon. 😀 *big hugs*

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  9. Reblogged this on A Grateful Man and commented:
    I really liked this post and wanted to share it with you. I have been one such outsider in the workplace and it was so painful that it was a big reason that I became self-employed for the last 25 years of my life. I like to believe that the gifts that I got from such experiences (besides self-employment itself) include helping me to become far more inclusive and compassionate toward those who are lonely, in pain, shy, and not fitting in.

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  11. I really think these team building exercises are rather stupid, and people do go a bit overboard in following the ‘leader’s’ instructions. Glad you were one of the soft-hearted ones, Hopestar. 🙂 Hugs

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