Mary Poppins got it wrong…it seems.

origin_6549653995It has come to my attention, and I feel it my duty to inform you all that a spoon full of sugar most certainly does not help the medicine go down and most certainly not in the most delightful way ! πŸ˜‰

My littlest daughter (7) has been an ill little chicken this week with tonsillitis and everytime we have the small drama about getting the antibiotics down, I think of Β that blooming Mary Poppins. Β As my girls have grown up I have had the task of getting them to get the medicine down and I can guarantee you that a spoon full of sugar was not and still is not a temptation for them. Β Consider yourself informed.

If you have any bright ideas on this matter please contact Mary Poppins and let me know too…please?

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45 thoughts on “Mary Poppins got it wrong…it seems.

  1. A wee tot of Vodka for the mother is the first step. Repeat x 5. Then approach child carefully from behind. Grab nose with one hand. Pull down on the chin with the other. Wrap one leg around the child, boa-like.Taking the spoon full of medicine gingerly by clasping by between this-little-piggy-went-to-the-market and it’s neighbour of the remaining foot, insert said spoon into open mouth.
    Repeat intake of Vodka until howling subsides.
    By the time the tonsillitis is cured, you should see your friendly local chiropractor.
    Problem solved.

  2. Whahahahah! Love how you thought of this Hope! Sorry to hear though that the little one is not feeling well and I do hope she feels better quite soon. Yes, it’s quite an operation to get them to swallow those yucky meds. With her magic, Mary Poppins made the yuckiness taste like sweets. I guess the meds suppliers will have to think up something like that too. πŸ™‚

  3. Ha, you think you can shake my unwavering faith in the skills of Ms. Poppins? Never :-)!
    On a more serious note, I hope your daughter gets better soon. It’s no fun being ill, especially when you’re little.

    • Actually I love that movie, love Mary Poppins and Julie Andrews as well πŸ™‚
      Thanks for the good wishes, Drali, Little one is not feeling very well at, hopefully the meds will start working soon.

  4. I actually feel like a spoonful of sugar would be equally as alarming to my taste buds as the initial medicine itself let alone in combination!

  5. In the UK they flavour the antibiotics for children, usually banana or strawberry flavour and the children in my school have no problem with it. Hope your little one feels better!

  6. I thought this was cute. Takes me back to when my kids were young and sick. They knew that what I was trying to force down them was yucky. lol

  7. Aw your poor little one – being sick is awful and the meds do often seem as bad as the illness! I’ve worked with a lot of older people with swallowing difficulty… if the antibiotics are pills, try putting them in a spoonful of yogurt, or applesauce, or pudding. Something semi solid but smooth – it can be quite helpful.

    Good luck.

  8. Love that movie πŸ˜‰
    As for the illness, tonsyllit and andolex worked well for my youngest when he had that sad affliction.
    Maybe sugar won’t help but maybe chocolate will πŸ˜‰

  9. So sorry she is feeling so badly I has been 50 years since mine failed me and I remember it as if it were yesterday. ICE CREAM was my Sugar πŸ™‚ Up here in NH we have a drug store that makes medicine lollypops for wee ones and pregnant ladies. It hurts bad with those swollen tonsils hope you both get some much needed rest.

  10. A long, long time ago (decades) my son needed antibiotics (he was about 2-3). He did not like them and, once when I arrived home, my wife was covered in the antibiotics and he was looking very sternly. I took the bottle, asked him to take it nicely (no), then put my knees on his arms (lightly), got the medicine ready, held his nose. When he opened his mouth to breathe (I let him), I put the medicine in his mouth, put my hand over his mouth, and (carefully) tapped his adam’s apple. He swallowed involuntarily. I then told him that we could either do this three times a day or he could just take the medicine. Never had a problem after that.

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