origin_2717153235I seriously don’t know what is causing me to have these really horrible nightmares I’ve been having lately.  Just when I thought I was nightmare clear, I had another one of them again last night.  I will spare you the awful details of the dream.  I woke up from that dream feeling so ill, so I thought maybe it is this sick feeling that caused me to dream the way I did or vice-versa.  I got up thinking that a glass of cold water might do the trick, but somehow I fell and sort of landed on my wrist and twisted it.

So, I decided to give the glass of water a miss and just get back into bed.  My wrist was throbbing so badly, and I soon realised that keeping it up made the throb, throb, throb less than when it was down. Today I have bandaged it up and it looks ok so I don’t think the doctor will have the pleasure of receiving my money…

Have you ever had gruesome nightmares that repeat themselves.  Is this normal? Should I find a dream analysis person?


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63 thoughts on “Gruesome…

  1. I usually only get really bad dreams when my mind is in turmoil about something – maybe that is it? The other time is when I’m in some sort of pain. Then the pain sort of translates itself into something in the dream.
    I hope it resolves itself soon.

  2. Sounds very upsetting for you, hope they don’t continue. I am sure there is nothing to worry about and it is probably something happening in the day that your brain is working through during the night – but not nice when its nightmares. Hope it stays away for you tonight.

  3. Poor, poor Michelle. It really is horrible to have such bad dreams. I seldom have bad ones, just sometimes one that will leave me sad. I think Amos’s idea that you must send him the details, is billiant. Hy sal so ‘n heerlike storie daarvan maak dat jy dalk die sin in die drome kan sien.

  4. I had very bad nightmares but it was when I was in the middle of depression…they were violent and disturbing and repetitive ..I’m NOT suggesting you are in that state but maybe there is something in particular right now that is causing you some stress of some kind… and it is causing these nightmares…. just a thought…Diane

  5. I hate dreams like that as well and had them quite a lot when the doctors had me on anti-despressants. Luckily that went away the minute I stopped taking them. Are you on any meds Hope? Those nightmares doesn’t sound good at all hon. Thinking of you. 🙂 *big hugs*

  6. I have always had very realistic dreams, full color and so clear that sometimes they would create real memories that were confusing. In college I had a recurring dream about living in a house I rented, and occasionally I would find myself trying to figure out if I had paid the rent.

    Add in the medications for depression and anxiety and the dreams I have now are in some ways more realistic than my actual life, with better picture and sound than a BluRay, and include real people I know at random. While there is no question that what is on your mind can manifest itself from dreams, unless you are thinking gruesome thoughts or watching zombie movies then you can probably thank your medication for the content of your nightmares. There’s not much you can do about it, except push it out of your mind quickly when you wake up. If you dwell on it, then you might have a nightmare based on it that is magnified by the meds, and this can just feed on itself day after day. Hope you can find restful sleep soon.

    • I also dream in colour, and I know what you mean when you mention Bluray. I have stopped my AD meds because of the side effects and also dont watch anything scary, zombie etc. Don’t like that sort of thing. I will try and get these dreams out of my mind. Thanks for you thoughts on this.

  7. Hope one of your commenters above can give you some useful insights on the dream.
    Until then, maybe wear thick fuzzy mittens to bed to protect your hands if you flail?

  8. I hope your wrist is ok. Nightmares are no fun, I never really had one, but can imagine being frightened waking after having one. I can’t give you advice as I don’t know any, bu tI do hope they will go away! Hugs Ute

  9. I know how un-fun nightmares can be. May yoour wrist heal quickly, and your nightmares diminish and be replaced be dreams that are so good that you wake up with a smile.

    I tend to have nightmares if I go to bed with an overly acidic or upset stomach, or after recently eating spicy or greasy food. Since my stomach often feels the same way when I’m experiencing fear or distress during the day, my theory is that when I’m sleeping my brain senses what is happening in my stomach and manufactures via nightmares reasons why my stomach is churning.


  10. Usually when I dream, I have an inkling of what caused it. And they usually don’t repeat themselves. Dream analysis maybe not. Possibly a psychologist or possibly a change of meds if you are on any?
    Hope the hand feels better soon Esperanza.

    • Thanks ghiatjie, my wrist is feeling better. I am off the meds and only take one in particular when I really need it. Psychologist, yes, I may need one.
      Have a nice day my friend.

  11. You should definitely have someone analyze your dreams for you. There is definitely an underlying problem that needs to get resolved. I use to have bad nightmares of me in a bed sleeping and I could not move, I could not scream. It felt like something was holding me down. Once I had them analyzed I was able to confront what ever the problem was and the nightmares disappeared. Good luck and hope you resolve it. Take care of that wrist too. Take care and have a wonderful day.

  12. Try this for fun
    Stop for a moment in silence then pick up a pen and write- “Dear God/ higher power/ inner self: What does my dream mean?” Then start writing, dear “Hope” I am trying to tell you that what you are afraid of is…. It often works because we sgut off our logical mind and listen intuitively to our inner self who is SCREAMING to be heard

  13. I think you are okay, but I will tell you that I have analyzed many dreams in the past and been told I am good at it. Send it via email and I will tell you, if you want.
    Do know that most dreams are merely hinting at something bothering us.
    Stay well.
    PS- know you couldn’t shock me if you tried.

  14. I have Michelle. You don’t need to see a therapist. Your dreams are based on what you feel and often don’t even know you feel. Sometimes they are also not dreams, but visits to different planes of existence. I had a recurring nightmare for almost 40 years. The last time I had it was 2 years ago. You know how it ended? For some reason something in my life or mind changed and the door I kept being locked out of to escape a cruel person – was unlocked. I went through it, shit it behind me and locked it. I haven’t ever had this dream since. I think they’re normal. But that’s my own small opinion. XO Sheri

  15. Only when I was little I had repeatable nightmares, Hope, but when I changed they dissappeared. I dreamt about tsunamis, but when I learnt to deal with my emotions they went away. Analysing your dreams can help, for me it’s always usefull, but in Homeopathy there are remedies who can heal the dreams… and you 🙂

  16. I forgot, I LOVE that photo. Is it yours and from where? I want to visit !
    Forward mental momentum !!

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