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Todays Daily Prompt: Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).

I think I may have told you this before, but I’d love to have some sort of camper and travel either the SA coast or the Karoo.  The plan would be to have no particular itinerary.  I should travel and stop off where ever I want to go…pitch a tent, make a fire etc..under twinkling stars.

Why have I never done this you ask?  Well, first there is the time issue, you know, never having enough of it.  Then there is the fact that I have absolutely no sense of direction but I suppose I could get a GPS.  Also, I have no idea on how to camp, pitch a tent or even change wheel! We wont even talk about making a fire *blush*

I went camping once many years ago with a group of divers *BIG MISTAKE* it was horrible, and the company was not what I expected it to be…and there you have it, the total extent of my camping experience or should I rather say “one camping experience” 🙂


photo credit: andrewpaulcarr via photopin cc

65 thoughts on “Away from here…

  1. Yes, that would be freedom for sure hon and why not? That is one dream hubby and I have … to buy a motorhome but because I am not really one for the camping bit, it will have to be one of those luxurious motorhomes..heheheh…and we would travel all along the coast line of SA and I will just take photo’s and he can fish wherever and whenever he wants to… LOL! Maybe we’ll meet each other on the road and have a lovely braai together. Who knows? 😉

    Lovely post hon and have a great weekend!
    *big hugs*

  2. You have just mention two things that are so close to my heart and on the to do list.. buy a camper and travel the Karoo… I hope in years to come that is what I will be allowed to do.. just move on down the road stop when you want to and move on when you want to.. so much to see in our country and that is the way to do it…

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  4. I have camped a couple of times during my school days, and it was quite an experience. Not exactly fun because we were young and were learning. But that apart, it is good to know something that you didn’t right ?

    I can understand the time thing. Though I can not say that I share the sentiment, because I am voluntarily unemployed and have a lot of time on my hands- or so it seems 😉

    It would be fun to really live the dream. Maybe you can put it up as a new year resolution or something…

  5. Alas, the ideal days for that are in the past. We had a Combi (named Cambi) just like the one in the picture. We didn’t bother with tents. In it the two of us plus daughters went all over South Africa, Mozambique, and (then) South West Africa and Rhodesia, stopping sometimes in camping spots, but more often simply at attractive places by the roadside. It was wonderful.

  6. We had a ‘one and only experience’ also with camping many years ago…it rained the entire time we were there which was cut short of course….’never again’… But also like you I have thought to have a ‘mobile home on wheels’ to travel the states and Canada….(not camp in the rough’ though lol Diane

  7. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” (Or something to that effect.) Keep sending your message out to the universe, and be prepared to seize the opportunities as they appear, my friend. What you need is someone who you enjoy being with who is also a truly experienced camper who enjoys teaching others how to pitch tents, build fires, etc. If your schedules make it a challenge to actually go camping together, you could begin to learn many of the skills in a yard, and some even in your home. It can be a fun adventure. They can teach you what type of equipment works best in which situations, and may even be able to loan some of their equipment to you. I recommend starting slow, perhaps with car camping in places that aren’t rugged wilderness (unless you go with truly seasoned campers who know what they are doing far from others). If you treat it like a learning adventure with friends in nature, you may find that you love it. It isn’t for everyone, but you’ll never know if it’s for you until you try.


  8. Know how every time you make that specific dish just like you always do but it comes out a bit different each time? Sometimes better, sometimes worse. Camping is similar. Plus, time waits for no one. Experiences make memories. Failures help reshape the definitions of success. You might surprise yourself and do great. Maybe the company you keep is the important part. Everything else is easy to learn. Go for it soon. 🙂

  9. Camping with divers? I bet watching them build a fire underwater was fun. 🙂 I would love to travel the world with no GPS, just the inner compass. Why haven’t/don’t I? Money? I had rather be wealthy and homeless than to have a home with no money.

  10. Camping all depends on who you’re with. It used to be amazing when we went with my mom and stepdad to a whole lot of different places with the tent. With my dad and stepmom it was enjoyable when we went with the caravan but it was a nightmare when we went with a tent.
    I’d love to do what you’ve said though, just travel and stop wherever my heart desires

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  12. We camp a lot here in the USA. But I would like to get a big truck and drive through all the states for a year. I have driven through some states in a car and spent the nights in hotels and cabins. Advice: if you go camping, go with someone you like a lot. It gets pretty cold at night! 🙂

  13. I went to Berlin in 2010 with no itinerary for 3 months but I did not camp. I did more conventional accommodations. I would LOVE to do this with an experienced camper, not alone. I love the green VW bus. What is the Karoo place? Kathryn

  14. I am so with you Hope. We had planned to buy a motorised caravan and spend our retirement years travelling without any itinerary, just playing it by ear and moving on when we felt the urge. It didn’t work like that which just goes to show we can’t really make plans in this lifetime as we never know from day to day what could happen. 🙂

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  16. The camping bit isnt for everybody. With that said I must admit that I started camping at a very young age with my parents while living in South West Africa. In those days tents were heavy canvas with even heavier tent poles, no aircons, no gas braai or stove. In other words it was still very primative.
    After I had a family of my own we still went camping. First with tents then with a caravan. Now I’m back to camping with tents and loving every minute of it. My grandkids have been introduced to camping in tents (we take three tents with us) and maybe one day we will use a caravan once again.
    But from the sound of your replies it seems you would like to try camping again even though your experience with the divers wasn’t all it was supposed to be. I agree with the replies that say you might even try camping in your garden to see whether you like it or not. Camping out in the wilds with nobody within miles of you, the sounds of lions/hyenas in the distance, and a heaven filled with the brighest stars you could imagine is what makes camping great.
    I tried to impress my daughters once and booked a holiday home at the coast. Bad mistake! They told me in no uncertain terms that they would rather have a holiday in a caravan park where they could meet tons of people and have a great holiday. So lesson learnt.

    • Wow! you describe camping in the wilds so wonderfully, something that has to be tried sometime. I like how your daughters prefer a caravan holiday as opposed to a holiday house. Thanks for the tips and advice, Paul.

  17. I love your dream and hope you can find time to do it. Driving a giant RV with overnight stops at luxury motels is my idea of camping though! You may want to try that 🙂

  18. My parents used to take me camping all the time when I was little. And every time I needed the loo dad would drive me home and back to the beach. Okay. So I was a little pampered. Haha. I love the idea of just travelling/camping/escaping without an itinerary!

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