My favourite fictional character


Todays Daily Prompt: Interview your favorite fictional character.

Hello Miss Marple, it was so good of you to agree to do an interview with me.

“It is a pleasure, my dear”

Ok, well, is it ok if I start asking questions now or would you like a cup of tea?

“Dont be silly, go right ahead”

Are you happy with the name of “Jane” which your creator Agatha Christie gave you?

“I find the name most enchanting” She gives me a smile.

Do you still reside in St Mary Mead?

“Of course I do, I’ve lived here through twelve stories!”

Do you have any tips for a fellow people watcher?

“Ah, I see,” she says, looking at me intently. “The only tip I have for you is to never ever let on what you know by observing individuals”

One last question Miss Marple; who is you favourite reader…

“Oh, there is no question about that…you are my dear – I find you to be a most charming lady!”

*Blush*  Thank you Miss Marple.


photo credit: Mr. AEL via photopin cc

40 thoughts on “My favourite fictional character

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  3. Fun! Thank you for sharing this entertaining interview. She must be a very busy lady, so it is remarkable that she took the time to sit down with you for this interview. ;-D!


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  5. Didn’t she end: ‘But, dear, you should not have put on walking shoes when you came down that night. It was because you had got mud on your slippers, wasn’t it, when you killed the butler?’

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