I took one look and my heart melted…


I have waited for a long time now for my beloved little kitty “Bella” to return. I don’t know what happened to her, but she disappeared.  I have a feeling she was stolen.  Since then I have been offered cats and kittens and my family urged me to get another cat, but I just could not.  Still though, I knew when the time was right, the situation would present itself.

My children did some voluntary work at a shelter the other day, and since then my middle daughter kept telling me about this kitten she saw at the shelter.  I had a feeling about this, so we all went out to the shelter.  I took one look and fell in love.  He is  just 10 weeks old, but really the size of a four or five-week old kitten.  He and his family were rescued and apparently they were quite wild.   We have him on a special nutritious diet at the moment to plump him up slightly as he is very thin.

It looks as though he has claimed this chair as his own probably because of the sun that shines though the window there.  He loves his paws being rubbed and actually falls asleep that way 🙂 He is so affectionate, the minute I pick him up he starts purring and loudly too.  He is just so adorable…♥


61 thoughts on “I took one look and my heart melted…

  1. Hooray for another happy rescued kitten story. He is super adorable! Not sure I’d have been able to pass him up either even though my place is already overrun with critters.

  2. My adopted cat was so thin she was only a bag of skin. Now she’s so fat she looks like a cigar walking! Your kitten is darling!!!!

  3. Awwwwww…just way too adorable Hope and congrats with the new addition to the family hon. He will bring you lots of joy for sure. 🙂 Kudos to you and your lovely daughter for giving another homeless fur baby a home. *hugs*

  4. What a cute cat!, I had one who was white and brown, she fell into a well and died. I buried the cat in my backyard. I hope your cute cat stays safe and fat.

  5. Ah Hope! I am so delighted that you have found a little kitty to love again. Nobody will ever take the place of your Bella, but at least you have given a loving home to this adorable bundle of fluff. It’s really too cute for words….. *hugs*

  6. I know the feeling of a lost pet. My Dachsund was stolen two months ago, I say stolen because even if the gate was open he would only exit if I gave him permission to. Since he was a genuine, I think people realised and stole him….and oh how I miss him. Your kitten reminds me of my cat, I couldn’t think of proper name for her…so I just call her Skollie because she can get feisty when you mess with her sleep. *hugs*

    • I think :skollie” is such a cute name, rem 🙂 The same reasons I think my cat was stolenn. She was a Persian and hardly even went out of the house – she would never have gone further that the gate.

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  8. he’s SO cute…call him snuggle! lol and so glad you rescued a kitty, I have two under my house I’ve been trying to catch that were dumped last year, and I’m so afraid they’re gonna start having kitties…and I will indeed become the crazy cat lady. hehe people who dump cats or any animals should be throttled! lol

      • so far, I’ve caught 3 OTHER strays, we didn’t know we’re even around, one almost tore her face off before I got her out of the trap… and I just hope they all have homes…..I’m ready to give up and just keep them….but I can’t get em spade if I can’t catch them. They’ve got to be a year old by now… and I’m gonna have an explosion of kitties ….eeeeeeek!!! lol

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