Todays Daily Prompt: Tell us about a book you can read again and again without getting bored — what is it that speaks to you?

I don’t really read books a second time around, same as how I don’t watch a movie for a second time.  Once I’ve read it or watched it, it is then done.   What I will do though, if I found a book that really spoke to me, is find more books from the same author.  I have a few favourites like Agatha Christie, Erica James, Steig Larsson, Jeffrey Deaver and a few others… I love a good mystery and not much into love stories…in fact I can’t stand love stories.

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63 thoughts on “Reading

  1. I love mysteries and generally don’t like mushy gushy stuff, but comparing my list to yours, it seems I’m a hopeless romantic. Well, not really so much now, I’m more bah-humbug about love now, but there was a time……

  2. The Koran and the bible…STOP…and behave…Can’t even WRITE that with a straight face.

    The Truth, Terry Pratchett, is one of, if not the most read book I own.
    The plot is as old as the hills but Pratchett weaves his spell and brings the characters and story to life in such a way that every reread I will invariably find something I missed before, even if it is only a single phrase or word. I laugh every time I pick it up.
    One of the baddies, Mr. Tulip, never swears but prefaces almost everything he says with ”-ing” . And Pratchett writes it exactly like this as well. “I am -ing bored of this place. Let’s scrag the geek and -ing leave.”

    Piers Anthony. The Tarot Trilogy. Brian Aldiss. Helliconia Trilogy. Both sets brilliant. Science fiction and .”frontier adventure” at its best.. Master story tellers who have created worlds that slowly open to the reader like the petals of a flower revealing so much more than you could possibly expect.

    Witches Abroad. Terry Pratchett. Takes the common fairy tale and bends,twists and wrings it for every scrap of humour you cold wish for. With a subtle underlying social message thrown in.
    Love the Witches.

    There are more, no doubt…but I mustn’t hog the page. 😉

  3. Hugs would you believe me if I tell you that I have never read Agatha Christie, and I am an avid reader. My son once said to someone that I read everyting that I can put my hands on. I don’t read love stories either. Mills and Boon you read when youre about 13?
    If you haven’t read “The Book Thief” (the orator is Death) you have really missed out. The same goes if you haven’t read P.G. du Plessis “Feast for the Uninvited” Sorry but I could go on the whole night with the wonderful books, that can be read again and again. Anna Kerenina, How Green was my valley, Pillars of the Earth. A film that I watch every time it’s on tv is “2001 A Space Oddesy” “Scent of a Woman”…………… Thanks it’s nice to talk to someone that loves books. xxx

  4. Tim Downs, a Christian mystery author who is not too preachy who’s main character is fascinating and oh so aspie….! You should try this author, you will love him.

  5. I read tons of mysteries–wait, can I still use “tons” if they’re on kindle?–mostly by female writers. Just finished one called “50 ways to hex your lover.” As for books to read over and over again, “Tramp Royale” by Robert Heinlein is my guilty pleasure.

  6. I have quite a few books that I have read more than once – and ever time I do, I find something else in them, welcoming the characters home like old friends – since that’s what they are in essence 🙂
    But, to each his own…

    • I don’t have the patience to go through it all again, but I think it depends on what type of book it is. For me re-reading a mystery is pointless because it is then no longer a mystery 🙂

  7. I am exactly the same way. I used to go out and buy DVD’s but once I watched them they sit on my shelf and books are the same. I read only once but I will look for the author’s books for more of them

  8. There are classics and must reads and such…in all honesty the one I’ve as me come back too is ‘Little Big Man’ (novel). Like a good friend or a comfortable pair of boots…Jack Crabb and the world thru his eyes are a companion in life…and a lot of folks liked the movie… the book was way longer and way better..other tomes I may cherish more, but in the end this was one….

  9. Generally I don’t read books twice but I have kept my favourite books to reread when I am retired and have probably forgotten most of the story anyway. At the moment I am really enjoying historical fiction by Edward Rutherford, Ken Follett and Hilary Mantel. I don’t like chick lit, science fiction or fantasy. An occasional mystery or thriller makes for lighter reading. In non-fiction I enjoy Bill Bryson and local books like “Who killed Brett Kebble?”
    Too many books, not enough time – sigh …

  10. if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands? er, I mean, happy reading? I guess some books can be read and reread but more often then not, been there read that, next! oh happy birthday to your daughter – who’s jumping out of the cake tonight?

  11. I’m like you and Pussycat in my tastes. But, you won’t believe it, I have just re-read Jane Eyre and really enjoyed it. It was a set book in high school and I vaguely remembered the story, but I loved the language!

  12. I don’t know if you would like the series, but JD Robb has a set entitled “In Death”. It is sci-fi, mystery, and romance, with a lot of fun and great characters. Just thought I would toss that out.

  13. Hi Hope!
    I re-arranged my Goodreads favorite shelf the other day to reflect the books which have stuck with me over the years and two Christie novels are on it – Murder at the Vicarage and At Bertram’s Hotel.

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