Really bad dreams


I had such a nightmare last night and its been with me all day today.  I dreamt that I was sleeping, then an unknown  man walks into my bedroom and gets into bed next me and lies behind me, and he puts his arm around my waist.  I don’t want his arm on me, and I try to move it, but he is too strong for me. In my dream, I am fighting trying to move his arm which is pinning me down and trying to scream for help, because he refuses to let go.  You now that feeling when you’re dreaming and you want to scream, but you can’t.  Eventually I woke up feeling quite upset, after a while I fell asleep again and then I dreamt exactly the same dream again.  I don’t know why I dreamt this.   I didn’t watch anything or read anything which should cause me to dream something like this.  Now it’s almost bedtime again, and I am too scared to go to sleep because I don’t want to dream that dream again.

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63 thoughts on “Really bad dreams

  1. Dreams sometimes aren’t literal. Is there a responsibility that is weighing on your mind? Or it simply could be a bit of traumatic residue from the creepy guy who was lurking around your place last week. Talk about it with someone and usually for me they don’t recur. Hope tonight’s dreams are better. 🙂

  2. I was going to ask you to contact me by email Michelle, but I believe that many of your readers have the same issues as you, so I will go public with this.
    I know that you are under attack. All your previous posts and this one has happened to me. So I am writing from experience. My dream was a large snake.
    It took me a long time to realise that I was under attack by outside forces unknown to me. I thought it was me alone, but it wasn’t.
    Over time I learned how to deal with these “bad beings”. I will not even talk about them as it strengthens their grip. It doesn’t matter how you say it, but be firm and positive. When you have a bad dream or thought, say by thought or out loud. “Go away. Go back where you came from. I do not want you near me. Go away !!”. Say this immediately and over time it will become a habit and you will recognise the onset of a bad thought or dream before it even happens.
    Call in the “good guys” who I call my “dear ones”. I have a mantra which I say with meaning by thought. ” I thank you for all the experiences, thoughts and ideas and I wish to pass them up to you to be changed into something really wonderful. I would also like to thank you for your love, protection and guidance. I am going to xxxxxx today and I will really need your protection and guidance when I talk to xxxxxxxx. I thank you in advance in case I forget to thank you”.
    These words for me become a habit and takes time to get used to saying.
    BUT IT WORKS FOR ME !! I do not have bad dreams or thoughts any more.
    Big happy hug Michelle and to others with similar problems. Ralph xox

  3. Most of the time, when I dream something of that nature, there is an event in my life which is “holding me down” and causing me stress over it. Also, make certain that your clothing and covers aren’t constricting you.
    I will put thoughts and positives out to you,

  4. First of all: your dreams are a totally normal reaction after the experience with the almostburglar you recently had. Your soul and body feel invaded, even if ” nothing” happened.
    Second: I know that feeling of not daring to sleep as the dreams are so real, and I am almost afraid to give you written advice as words so easily may be the wrong ones when I do not see you in person and not really know your story. What you have told is indeed more than enough to tell me that you are not only a happy, kind and wise hugger, but perhaps also a soul carrying a burden that is becoming quite heavy. Not things that you have done, but things you know others have done to restrict you and that your subconscious self wants to have out in the air, have a look at and then let go. The advice of telling bad dreams to go away is a good one, but our souls are not fools, sometimes there are real issues to be dealt with.
    Then again: and this is true too, most of my bad dreams disappeared when I was diagnosed with asthma and got properly medication. The first thing to check is to have fresh air and no dust in the bedroom!
    sleep well….Solveig

  5. Ok Michelle….earlier we spoke about the possibility of you having an angel in your life. Now I know as ‘sugar’ I come over as a nutty creature but seriously I do believe in the power of angels. Another blogger gave advice which I followed and I have found it to work. Some may say it’s mind over matter…I don’t know….but they say angels can not interfere with our lives unless we ask them to…so try…it may work…call to them or he or she whatever you vision your angels to be and ask them out loud to takeaway this nightmare and don’t forget say thank you 😉 now you all think I’m nuts I will shut up 😀 big hugs Michelle my belle 🙂 xxx♥

  6. Somebody – or some event or issue – is with you and refusing to let go, It could be history or just a fear as well. Point is – it leaves you feeling helpless, and therefore unable to do anything about it. Think. You’ll recognise what it is. Then, in real life, you’ll have to distance yourself from it. It’ll be hard, but only possible once you’re honest with yourself. Anyway, that’s the feeling I get and my 2c worth…

  7. Well… l would say that someone close to you..present or past is stlll on your mind..Someone you can’t tell to “GO AWAY” for some reason or another. When you get this person out of your will be the answer. The reason you can’t scream in your dreams is because the brain is very clever and temporarily paralyses you during the seconds of dreaming..otherwise we would all be running around and at danger to ourselves during dreaming. Come to terms with that person who you feel has some sort of ‘right’ over your life..and the dreams will be gone.

  8. kindredspirit23 is on the track. It is a sign of something holding you back, and b/c it is male, that speaks to money and/or your ability to be the dominate person in some relationship (the bed symbolizes relationships in feng-shui). The relationship could be with a partner, some other person or even money and the concept of it. We are in an energy flow of looking at our “money behavior” and seeing where we can be more responsible, and where we need to cut back, so it makes sense you would pick up on that. It is so funny b/c I went from one blog to another checking for who needed this answer, I had a feeling someone had a trouble I could help with! Also, send me an email at and I will tell you somethings you can do to cleanse and protect yourself and dwelling. :0)

  9. Sounds like a terrible dream, and I’m sorry it was recurring for you. I hope you’ll have a peaceful sleep tonight. I’ll pray for you, Michelle.
    Love your pink roses background 🙂

  10. Psalm 91. Anytime I have a terrible nightmare the first thing I do is flip to that chapter and read it through to the end. If it’s a really bad one, I’ll just keep reading it over and over until my eyes start to get heavy and I’m able to fall back asleep.
    “He will order his angels to protect you wherever you go.”
    I pray you sleep well tonight!

  11. The moment I read your first line it was as if I knew what you were going to write next. I’ve had this happen before, and it was the most terrifying nightmare ever. In my dream, this man came into my room while I was sleeping and slept next to me and just looked at me the whole time while I was trying, begging God to help me even move a finger so I could get away. I remember finally waking up and running to check to make sure no one had gotten into the apartment and I was too afraid to go back to sleep.

    In the Philippines, I’ve heard this described by men as having a woman sitting on their chest so that they can’t move and can hardly breathe. One of my clients, a Japanese-American male, told me about a similar dream a few years ago as well, with the same paralyzing, can barely move description and someone either lying next to them or sitting over them.

    It’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone at all and I hope you get to sleep with better dreams from now on.

    Interestingly, a few months ago, I came across the term “sleep paralysis” and if you google it, wikipedia has a really good description that in my case fit my dream to a T, much like yours (I feel) does to an extent. Worth a look…

    • I am sorry you have had a similar nightmare too. I am finding it difficult to sleep, and when I do I tend to have horrible nightmares. I will look up “sleep paralysis.” Thank you so much for the information and for commenting on this, I really appreciate it.

  12. So sorry to hear about this bad dream sweetie. That must have been terrifying hon. Wishing you nightmare free dreams from now on hon. 🙂 *big hugs*

      • I am sure it will not sweetie. Just let go of everything that is bothering you and yes, I know it’s difficult, but just let it go. It will sort itself out. Play your favourite music before you go to sleep and think of good things, things that make you happy. *big hugs*

  13. Oh, Esperanza, I am coming late into this and you’ve probably been to sleep and are waking up right about now. Hopefully, you had a good night. I used to have very bad dreams. I found two things that help, in addition to the advice above. One is to always have a glass of water to drink when you awake from a bad one – it breaks the contact so you won’t have the dream when falling back asleep. While your mind can be sorting things out or perhaps someone or something is pushing on you – one thing that helps is to clean the house, then take rosemary – either fresh or dried – and sprinkle it by every door and entry – doesn’t have to be a lot. Next, light a candle and walk the parameters of every room, thanking it for its function and the blessings it brings. This acts as a cleanser of your home and protects you. People can come and vent, but their problems cannot stay in the house. I was told to do this under similar circumstances you’ve been undergoing and it was very helpful. Blessings upon you, Esperanza. Perhaps all the love and concern found here on these pages of your blog will act as your angels as well. Best ~ HuntMode

    • Thank you so much for the advice Huntmode. I will definitely do the things you mentioned here. I really feel like I need to freshen everything here and let the air blow through.

  14. I spotted a comment here concerning the Incubus/Succubus legend; in Old Wives’ Tales long ago they were referred to as “Breath Stealers” (another silly reason that many still think black Cats are unlucky!) and it sounds to me as though you may have had an Incubus-type visitation of some kind.

    On the other hand, is there anything that you feel is holding you down emotionally? Do you feel controlled by a man (possibly your boss) in your life? There are so many interpretations of such dreams.

    I have a recurring nightmare of being in a horrible studio flat that’s infested with enormous spiders; I’m trying to find my way back to D, but I can’t. That smacks of my past, but I can’t seem to shake it.

    And yes, I know the feeling of trying to scream; D says that I become very unsettled and that sometimes I’ll whimper, but I always think I’m screaming.


    • Btw re the whimper (and also the feeling that one can’t move/can’t run away): It’s known as sleep paralysis. In sleep, your motoric brain is largely switched off, mainly so that you don’t hurt yourself while asleep. This paralysis is of course noticed by your reflex centre which registers “must run, can’t”, and panics. Ditto with screaming. I suppose it is a relic from the days when men still lived in cages, when it was unwise for humans to cry out in their sleep because it would draw nocturnal predators.

  15. I read your post yesterday but did not get a chance to respond. I too had bad dreams. Several of them repeatedly. I went through this for several months a long time ago. I tried just about everything everybody was telling me. Nothing seemed to work until I started to analyze my dreams. I researched it over the period of a few weeks and it turned out that there was an issue in my life that had not properly been closed. But once I dealt with it properly no more bad dreams. Everything in my dream was a symbol for something. Like Ralph earlier in your comments was talking about his dream of a big snake. That is a symbol for something. If you like you can go to to start your research. Take care and have a wonderful day.

  16. Frank has good advice. Also watching your diet for things that can trigger active REM sleep. Think there is some info out on the world-wide-web about that. Not sure how true it is but had noticed it for me when I went through that period of dreams that would literally wake me up in a cold sweat. Best wishes!

  17. Hi Hope*, sorry about the long silences. I didn’t realize, this is a quite recent post!

    Rational as I’d love to be about this but I have to agree with Ralph: It sounds exactly like an attack. Whether it is your own subconscious attacking you or a spirit entity or even a living person wishing bad stuff on you, that’s a matter for philosophical debate. There are ways to protect yourself however.

    “Go away” is a good start. Envision yourself in a bubble of golden or white light; then envision your unbreakable link to the Eternal (in whichever shape it appears to you or you imagine it to be). Even if you identify it as the life force that drives all living beings here on Earth. This bubble is around you like a glowing shell, and nothing bad can come through. Something like that nightmare will burn to a smoke if it tries breaching the bubble. Then draw on your connection to the Eternal for courage (because nightmares can paralyse one) and command the nightmare to go back to the dungeon dimensions it came from. If it is actually somebody you know who is also harassing you in real life, warn his dream self that you’ll sue, and then send it back to him.

    Secure your room and if you feel up to it, your whole house by filling every room with white light and sealing the walls, doors and windows off against anything that means you harm. Then assign the guarding of the place over to the Eternal, take a deep breath and relax, and sleep. Nothing will dare bother you in your fortress of light.

  18. Wanted to add: For the little sceptic sitting on our shoulders saying “this all is nonsense”: By going through these motions, you are clearing your own mind and psyche, and building internal resources for dealing with such onslaughts and blocking off such attacks by subconscious parts of yourself on yourself. If it’s all in your head, that’s the only place where you need to play this trick. 🙂

Namaste. My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.

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