Daily Prompt: Cliché


Daily Prompt: Clichés become clichés for a reason. Tell us about the last time a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush for you.

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I can’t think when this idiom was appropriate for me, but it is an idiom that I agree with.  The other one I agree with is “Better the devil you know.”

I am grateful for what I have and would not go out on a limb to try to gain more that what I need.  I have what I need and I don’t need anymore than that…


photo credit: law_keven via photopin cc

38 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Cliché

  1. A while back we inherited some gold and silver coins, not a fortune by any means, just some.
    But this got me on a bit of a buying kick and I ended up purchasing additional gold and silver. I’m happy enough I have it, but I probably should have just stuck with what I already had.

  2. I’m happy with what I’ve got and what will be will be… and what the world is prepared to share I will take… what is in my hand I earned,,, but while we talk of birds.. I love to find two in the bush…

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  4. That is a great philosophy. Cliches are there to help us put a label that everybody understands on any situation in life. That’s the way it goes. A rolling stone gathers no moss, so I am ending this before I wear out my welcome.:-)

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  7. I am glad you can be happy with what you have. Just don’t do it out of a position of fear.
    After my stroke, I learned to take more chances; it’s one of the biggest reasons I am published now.
    Great post and thoughts.

  8. As much as I hate cliches, sometimes I just can’t help but use them because nothing else fits! Maybe it’s possible for us to create a new cliche? They all start somewhere right?:)

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