A Plot Of Earth

Todays Daily Prompt: You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

My answer is quite simple.  It would be built up looking something like this:medium_5966289143 photo credit: Mathias Liebing via photopin cc

It would be nice to have a view like this from the windows in the front:


photo credit: williamcho via photopin cc

Its sole purpose is that it would be a place of safety for abused women, men and children and of course animals…

48 thoughts on “A Plot Of Earth

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  3. What a beautiful idea. I’ve always wanted to provide for animals who are in need. It’s a passion of mine! I think the only thing I would add to your plot would be a large open field for the dogs to roam.:)

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  6. Very nice. I wouldn’t mind the ocean view either… but it’s hard to find those crystal blue waters close to my hidden home in the forest, and the trees will always win out in the end.

  7. ..I’d like that too ..looks so great, and that view … hmmmm:)
    Too little time at the moment, but I’ve read the prompt and my thoughts were ..have a country-style cottage built somewhere near the sea and then open an animal shelter there:)

  8. Lovely idea you’ve got there Esperanza, but my wish would be complete solitude.
    huge garden, looks like a fairy spot, with just a cottage where all my books can fit in. Lots of fountains and paths and benches. But no people. At all.

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