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medium_2882312995 (1)Daily Prompt: Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her?

I can’t say I’ve ever had someone who I would class as a mentor.  I find it strange that people would have a mentor.  Would it not be better perhaps to have a few mentors rather than only one.  I would not put all of my expectations of guidance in the hands of one person alone.  If it is for a specific subject and this person has proved to be a complete and total pro at it, the perhaps yes.  Maybe I just don’t understand the concept of having a mentor fully.
One of my customers is continuously talking about her mentor and I have noticed that whatever this man says, this woman thinks it can be etched in stone.   I have also heard some of his opinions in the field in which I work which I find totally wrong, but she is adamant that he is always right regardless of how much proof and explanation is put before her.  Doesn’t make any sense to me at all.  If anyone is that perfect then they should not be walking the earth any longer.
I do have friends here on blogs who’s opinions I value tremendously, but I would not refer to them as my mentor.
My mentor is living life, learning and experiencing from it.

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42 thoughts on “My guide…

  1. I have actually thought about this, because it would be so much easier to just have someone tell me the answers. Yet if I didn’t search the lessons wouldn’t have sunk in so deep. I think your idea of living life and experiencing things is the way to go. Just because a person finds their way, doesn’t mean it is your way. I am too questioning to follow a mentor I think. Some would say difficult.:-)

  2. Seems to me a mentor should be a guide and teacher who helps you to achieve your own potential – and not someone who wants you to just regurgitate what she/he says. Sounds like your customer has a case of being starstruck.

  3. Great response to the mentor question. I think I have had more than one mentor who gave me new perspectives or the courage to tackle something that seemed insurmountable. Must try to write something and choose one.

  4. So true that however much admiration and respect you have for someone, you should never take everything they say as correct, unquestioningly.
    I have known people who base all their actions and decisions on what ‘spirit guides’vtell them. With all respect, some of the advice they act on is completely bad.

  5. Never had anyone I would consider a formal mentor.
    (there was someone who thought he was, but we had philosophical differences.)
    Always thought a mentor should explain the end result, and then help the mentee figure out the best way to get there…

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  7. I think my mentors are wild animals and birds. It’s interseting, there was a dam that was about to break and the animals all ran downhill away from the dam, most people stayed and were killed but the ones that did survive were asked how they knew that the dam was about to break and therefore ran… well, they all said the same thing: “We saw the animals all running so we knew there was danger and we followed the direction the animals took.”

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  11. I don’t get the mentor thing either since we are all different with different lives, skills and abilities. Nope, I don’t have one either, just that little thing that sits on my shoulder whispering in my ear if something is a stupid or good idea. Usually, I just follow my heart.

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