The chase…


Daily Prompt: Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.

I did this rather hastily so please forgive any mistakes.

The night was too dark for me to see clearly.  I looked for a corner to turn into quickly and put the lights off and let him pass, but he was driving far too close behind me.   Every turn I took, he took.  He wouldn’t let up.   When I accelerated, he would accelerate.  Now driving at high speed, I was frantically trying to remember the roads around the area.  The reality was that I was lost with a lunatic trying to push me off the road.
There was no other traffic.   How I wished to see a cop car, anything, anyone.  Ahead to the left I saw a turning.  I thought if I could gear down and  take the corner quickly,that he might not be able to turn that fast and would have to go straight on, which would give me time to turn around and go back the other way.
He was a better driver than I thought.  As my tyres screeched around the corner I could see the bright headlights still stuck behind me and then to my horror, ahead of me I saw the road ended with a Cul-de-sac…  As I swerved, the back of my car hit a tree and came to a complete standstill.
With my car was facing his.  I watched as the huge man opened his car door.   He was holding some sort of baton in his hand, smacking it into his other hand as he walked slowly towards me.  Shakily with my heart pounding I grabbed for the tazer I keep in the side pocket of my car door…

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56 thoughts on “The chase…

  1. He walks up to my car but not up to my window. No, instead he breaks the back window and with both hands he grabs a large object. To my horror and relief, there was a man in my back seat hiding from a bail bondsman. He saw him get in my back seat as I stopped in at the convenience store and as soon as I drove off, he gave chase. To think, here I was…praying for a cop. He was the next best thing.…your-adventure

  2. As he got closer, I could see his uniform. He WAS a cop.
    ‘Yeah, I know my blue light wasn’t working,’ he said officiously, ‘but I’m still going to book you for running that light, speeding, and reckless driving.’

  3. He seemed the wolf in sheep clothing. Although dressed in uniform, the man came up to my window and peered inside, tapping on the surface with his baton. His face looked like it just met Mr. Mincer, and out of sheer panic, I prodded the closed window with my tazer, all the while rummaging for the ignition. The engine caught, to my surprise, and I floored the accelerator. Just managing to brush past his car, ensuring a flat tire, I exited the cul de sac and gunned up the road, out of sight. I sighed with relief at the close encounter with that baton brandishing devil.

  4. I inadvertently depressed the trigger while picking up the tazer. My body began to tingle intensely as electricity coursed through my body. I began to shake uncontrollably, as if I were having a seizure. Then everything suddenly went black.

    When I awoke some time later, my head was pounding. I slowly opened my eyes and gradually allowed a copious amount of blinding light enter my corneas. As my pupils adjusted, the room I was in progressively came into focus. Once my vision became clear, it was evident I was in a hospital room. The walls were stark white and I lay in a hospital bed tucked under ivory sheets. My left arm had multiple bruises and an IV inserted into the underside of my forearm. At the center of each bruise was a small hole leaving me to surmise that many failed attempts were made to find a vein for my IV.

    A nurse strode into the room. “Hey, you!” she said happily. “How are you feeling?”

    “Well,” I answered her carefully as I took stock of my situation, “my arm isn’t feeling so hot where it was mistaken for a pin cushion.” I lifted my left arm with all of my bruises facing out to emphasize my point. “But other than that I’m mostly just sore.”

    “Good,” she responded jovially with a smile. She then began checking my vitals.

    “What happened? How did I get here?” I asked her curiously. The last thing I could remember was tazing myself accidentally as that intimidating silhouette menacingly approached me.

    She paused for a moment and regarded me. “A big burly man brought you in. He said you drove into a tree.”

    “Really?” I answered, shocked. “I thought he was chasing me! He had a club or something and looked like he was going to pound me.”

    The nurse barked out a quick laugh. “Oh, no. That was a Mag-lite. A big flashlight. He said he was coming to help you when you accidentally tazed yourself.”

    “Wow,” was all I could think of to say. I was completely dumbfounded. I truly thought that I was being chased and that I was in danger.

    “Did he leave his name? Is there anyway for me to thank him?” I inquired.

    “He didn’t. We asked him for his name. We even asked him to stay so that the police could question him, but somehow he left without us knowing. He told me to tell you that he was your guardian angel, and that everything will be alright.”

  5. …but it was not there. I suddenly remembered that I gave it to Suzanne since she was attending late night classes at the community college. Ever since that girl was attacked by…by a man with a baton! My breath comes fast as I watch him approach. I cannot see his face, since it is so dark on this street.

    I have an idea and look ahead to see if it is possible. As soon as the man approaches my window I stomp the accelerator. My car spins away, but not fast enough as the man’s baton shatters the window behind me. My scream escapes my mouth even as i see his form appear in my rear view mirror. He stands their seeming stunned at my sudden escape.

    I watch anxiously in the mirror for any sing of his approach. Five minutes, then ten pass without incident. I wonder how i will explain this. Will Keith believe me? Will he demand ot know why i was traveling alone in this part of town at night?

  6. … but before I could get my hands on the tazer, he called out, “Hey, you know you’ve been driving around with a flat tire?” He came fully into view and what I had thought was a baton was actually a tire iron, and he had a jack tucked under his left arm. “Do you have a spare? I’ll help you switch it out…”

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  9. As he walked up to the car, I tried to see who it was, however his headlights blinded me, so all I saw was his ink black silhouette. Trembling, I prepared for the worst, and as he came up to my driver’s door, I prepared to kick it open, hoping to knock him down, so I could escape on foot. Then he called me by name, and as he stepped closer, I saw it was my son’s old baseball coach. I just got back from New York, and have a personally signed bat for our best hitter. It’s signed by his idol, Alex Rodriguez, so I hope he likes it.

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  11. Ending: “Did you know you were speeding ?Can I see your license and registration please?” The man with the baton was actually an off-duty police officer who didn’t want to scare you with his siren and flashing lights.

  12. He walked up to my car. I held the tazer ready. He stopped, looked at me, looked in my car, and began screaming.
    “Where is he? Where is he?”
    “Where is w-w-wh-h-o?” I managed.
    “That SOB whose sleeping with my wife! I saw him get in this car.”
    Then I saw his eyes and heard his tone…drunk. I played along.
    “He got out as you were getting in yours. He didn’t tell me why.”
    The guy looked at me and scratched his head.
    “Well then,” he sloshed,”I had better get back and find him.”
    He drove away and I decided to go home and change.


  13. I hit the “Alarm” button on my key, and the car began honking and lights flashing. I cowered on the passenger side floor. I heard a voice call out. I didn’t dare rise up enough to look out. I heard my driver’s window break and I unwillingly whimpered. Then I heard a scuffle. Then I heard some welcome words: “On the ground, buddy.” I raised up. A kind face looked in at me. “Are you all right?” “Yes, thank you,” I whispered. “I’m a police officer. I heard the alarm go off so I looked out to see what was going on. This guy has been terrorizing people for a few weeks. Thanks for bringing him to my house!”

  14. …within seconds he began pounding the fender on the front of my car. I cowered in my seat, my eyes frozen wide with fear.
    After a few minutes had passed, the man straightened, his body heaving as he drew breath, and he raised a hand to sheild his eyes against the brightness of the headlights.
    I gazed at him, terrified. Why had he smashed my car? Why wasn’t he moving?
    “Excuse me Miss, but would you mind dimming your lights, they’re hurting my eyes,” he said.
    Not wanting to argue, I switched them off.
    “Thanks,” he raised the baton and thumped it down on my fender again. “You really should be more careful you know. Driving alone in this area isn’t a good idea, especially in the zombie district.” And with that, he turned and walked back to his car.
    “Thank you,” I shouted out of the crack in my side window. I hadn’t even realised I’d strayed so far off track.

  15. I sat feeling trapped like an animal, gripping my tazer, shaking as he came to my window and calmly but firmly ordered me to “Pop your trunk please.” Confused, and somewhat relieved, I obliged. I got out of the car, sheepishly putting my tazer in my pocket so he would not see. There was a huge canvas bag in my trunk, I had never seen it before. The drab olive bag was unzipped with money spilling out the top. I was astonished, “Oh my God, that is not mine, I swear…” “Relax Miss, it is O.K., I have been following you since you stopped at the mini-mart. When you ran inside a bank robber threw this into your trunk and ran off. I called for back up to catch him and took off after you, I am sorry if I scared you. You should always lock your car, even for a short stop, especially in these parts.”

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  18. My finger was around the tazer’s trigger, tremoring, my mind unsure if I would be able to defend myself when the moment came. I closed my eyes, slowed my breathing and silently counted to 3… and in the breath between 2 and 3 I noticed that this man… kept walking. Right past my car. The buildup to this moment had been so great that I forgot to breath about 3 seconds past “3” and I gasped, sucking in a big breath of air as my heart drummed underneath my shirt.

    The man with the baton walked about 50 feet past me, up the driveway of the house behind my car. I watched him in my rear view mirror as I saw him take his baton and raise it high above his head. My whole body flinched as he brought his arm violently downward and I saw him strike something on the ground. After the 5th swing, he stood up straight and slowly walked back to my side door as my mind stuggled to comprehend what was going on. He reached my door and gently tapped on the window 3 times, the tip of his baton the only visible thing I could see. I figured someone who wanted to harm me wouldn’t be so polite to ask to let him in to murder me, so I pressed down on the window release and cracked it about 3 inches.

    “Ma’am,” the man spoke with a cold, steely voice, “please let me in the car. Time is short. I will explain on the way to EVAC.”

    I can’t honestly say how or why, but my finger slipped to the door lock and pressed down. In a flash, the man had the door open, sat down without even the shocks of the car moving, and locked the doors. It was as he looked ahead through my windshield that I finally noticed that the end of his baton was dripping a black, viscous liquid on the floor mat.

    “Who… are… you?”, I croaked as my voice finally found its way up my throat.

    “Not important now. Those things have been tracking me all the way from San Francisco..”, he paused. His eyes never moving from the view in front of my windshield. “I was trying to lose them when I saw one break formation and latch itself onto your car. I couldn’t let it… You’re innocent.”

    I was going to begin by telling him his face was speckled with the same black substance and then ask him again who the hell he was when an ungodly screeching sound filled the air. My hands went up to my ears and I winced in pain as the high-pitched noise bored into my brain. Suddenly, the sky went black. I looked back at this person who was currently gritting his teeth and watched as his chest began rising and falling at a rate equal to a newborn rabbit. I finally noticed he had the name “Baxter” sewn onto a patch over his heart.

    “Um… Mr. B-bax-baxter?”, I spoke this time with a little less fear in my voice, “what the HELL is going on here?!?!

    Baxter turned and looked me in the eyes, his gaze told me everything I needed to know about what was about to happen next. “Drive. Don’t stop. And if we survive this, I will explain everything you need to know.”

    He turned his face back to the windshield and the oncoming storm of unknown destruction, and I turned and faced it as well. Gripping the wheel tightly in my left hand, my right reached down for the gear shift, slammed it into Drive and, with all the force in my body pushed my foot down on the accelerator and our car shot off into the creeping black void.

  19. You have some very creative readers!

    He strode up to my car, only my door between us. He looked down at the baton, then back up, his eyes boring into mine.
    He smacked the baton into his palm in time with his words: “Roll. Down. The. Window.” he said, in a voice that brroked no refusal.
    timidly, I did, keeping the tazer where he couldn’t see it.
    He smacked the baton into his hand one last time before extending the end to point at me.
    “Around these parts, we take our cheerleading seriously.”
    He dropped the baton in my lap, turned on his heel and strode off.
    I knew what I had to do. Tomorrow, I’d go to the association and ask the other coaches to de-whistle him,

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  21. As he approached my car, he started speaking rapidly in a loud voice… lady, lady, so sorry. I need help! My wife is choking in the back seat and I saw your MD plates and just was trying so hard to catch up… Pleas help my wife. For a moment I thought he was trying to trick me but then, his wife crawled out the car gasping for air.. I reached for my emergency kit and and dashed out of my car… Call 911 Now! I yelled at him… He just stood there and bawled. He was a huge guy!

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