The coy, Koi…

Todays Prompt: Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.


On the back part of my house I have a large glass sliding door/window which leads directly to a fish pond.  It is perfectly situated and I often just go and sit there and watch the fish.  The fish pond only has Koi fish and I tried so hard to show you some pics on the size of these Koi.  They  have grown really large.  They’ve been in this fish pond of approximately 5 years now.

As I said the Koi are coy.  Normally they would come to the top when I give them food, but  maybe my cell phone was flickering or something because they kept swimming away when I tried to take the pic..


62 thoughts on “The coy, Koi…

      • They can be impressive, I do know that much. Shubunkins and Comets can get pretty big too if they are given enough space, but they are not as massive. When I was a kid, there was a fish hatchery not too far from here. Every summer, when the fish were mostly gone from their hatchery ponds, they would flush the ponds into the local creek and clean/refill them. My friend lived on a farm that backed up to that creek. Twice there were droughts that caused the creek to dry up and we netted dozens upon dozens of ornamental fish … plain goldfish, fantails, shubunkins, black moors (, calicoes, you name it. We also got a few koi. I absolutely adore fish – but have a soft spot in my heart for the ornamental goldfish and koi.

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  2. How nice to have such a relaxing ficture right outside your back door. I imagine it is great for calming, for inspiration, and all sorts of other things. You probably have koi larger than my backyard…

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  6. I wish there was a “Love” button for some of these posts. I clicked “Like” but it goes far beyound that. This made me remember when I had a small fish pond in my garden area. I used to love sitting out there on a wooden bench I made and just get the feeling of oneness while watching the fish and listening to the waterfall.

    Thank you for this.

  7. A few blocks from my apartment is a sushi place that has a tiny koi pond out front. One day I passed by it and found it empty, so either the restaurant ran out of stock or some homeless person walked by and saw a free meal. . .

  8. That is a big fish – should be good eating😉
    Don’t worry, I know exactly how much that scaly creature is worth – a beautiful fish Esperanza😉
    I could not hope to have fish that size in my eventual frog pond – I’ll settle for a goldfish or 6:-)

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