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Daily Prompt: I got skills

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

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Any skill in the world you ask?  Well, if I were to be totally selfish and not choose a skill which would be to the advantage of others, it would be the skill of reading people better.  I am a serious people watcher.  This is something that I started doing since I was a very young girl.  I figured if I could somehow read the mood and possibly foresee certain people’s actions before they do their deeds…

In an attempt to “see” people better I have read various books on body language and also books on my favorite, the micro expression.  I find myself studying all and sundry very closely.  The thing is though that most of the time I can be spot on with my assessment, but there will always be that one person who will slip under my BS detecting radar.

There are some of us who have this reading and assessing of others as an inbuilt gift – my mom has become like that.  She will hit the nail on the head 99% of the time.  Me, I’m still learning…  Yes, I would love to be the mistress of reading people to a T.


65 thoughts on “BS !!!

  1. Good one! I always assume the best in people. It’s gotten me into a lot of interesting situations (translation: difficult situations). But I guess I would rather be disappointed in people than always suspicious of them…😉

  2. Wow maybe I have a built in radar… I can normally pick up the BS almost before it happens… I have also found that when I first meet someone I can tell what they are going to be like.. and if they will meet me half way or try to outdo me… wonderful radar to have…

  3. With all the reading and watching you’ve done, I’m sure you’ve just about mastered the skill. But you’re right, in this day and age it’s actually a necessary skill to possess.

  4. I think it depends on what you then do with the information.
    Knowing someone was a BSer and letting them carry on would probably be a lot more entertaining than cutting them off…

  5. That’s cool. I have the same ability. I usually form an understanding of someone after just a few minutes of knowing them, and it rarely changes (though I’m willing to let it). I think some people are just attuned to energy/vibes/what have you.

  6. Hehe.. BS detecting radar & mistress of reading people. love gour usage of words!:-) And Honestly that indeed would be quite a skill, I’d love to have too..:-)

  7. I have to say I’m pretty good at reading people. I get a sense very quickly and mostly it is correct!
    If I could have a skill it would be the ability to small-talk with confidence:)

  8. I think the only creature with a 100% BS radar, is a cat. They know stuff. The rest of us have to guess sometimes, and this is where we slip up. And there are always, always those who manage to sucker every one of us from time to time. If you make the perfect BS-Radar, I want shares in that company, please.

  9. Hey I know it’s cool! Even I have the same. Though I tell my friends, they don’t believe at first. Later they get it. I felt annoying judging them by their way of body language.

  10. When I read you intro in my reader the first thing that came to mind was Body Language and that’s what you wrote about. I would love to be able to tell when people are lying or just being insincere because it would save so much time and stress. Imagine if we could just eliminate those people from our circle of friends and the people we do business with – life would be so much easier!
    I am normally pretty good at detecting BS but I have definitely not got it waxed so I still get caught out by it sometimes.

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