Breaking the law…

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Daily Prompt: Breaking the law.

Think about the last time you broke a rule (a big one, not just ripping the tags off your pillows). Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?

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I have never broken the law deliberately, yes one or two speeding fines – *blush* yes, speeding.  But this prompt did bring back a memory though.  I think one of the worst things is when people think you’re  guilty of something when you are actually quite innocent.  Here’s the memory:  My first child was a small baby, so not only did I have a new baby but I also had a new drivers licence too.  Now, people who know me will know that I am a little on the nervous side and when stressed it shows badly.

Anyway, I was on my way to the doc with my new baby and on the way I was stopped at a road block.  It was one of those really big road blocks with a million cops.  They were doing a quick car searches so I thought I’d be through the roadblock quickly too, but I was not.

The cop came to my window and asked me where I was going and which area I came from.  I answered the questions but as this was happening I started breaking out in a cold sweat and I could feel myself becoming very pale with a very dry mouth, mainly because of the almost aggressive attitude of the cops.  I was made to get out of the car.  I was patted down, told to stand aside whilst my car was searched really thoroughly.  Fortunately my daughter was and stayed fast asleep throughout this episode.  Needless to say they found nothing of whatever it was they were looking for.

The cop only then asked if he could see my licence, when he saw that it was new, he turned and whispered something to the others who were standing around the car, he smiled quite sweetly and asked if this is why I was so nervous?  The new drivers licence and obviously my first road block…they apologized and said that I looked so pale and nervous and this is why they felt it necessary to do the search…this was many years ago, but it still feels like yesterday when I think of it.


52 thoughts on “Breaking the law…

  1. Ag, shame, Hope*. All’s well that ended well.
    I have never broken the law either, except for 2 speeding fines (going 50 in a 40 zone), having no seat belt on to drive 1km in the tiniest dorp imaginable (R10 fine at the time) and one for not have the licence disc displayed (I had it at home).
    I have been stopped at local road blocks, smile, show my driver’s licence, flick all the indicator switches and off I go again. Such a boring life 😉

  2. I’m naughty at heart. I will just say I have never been caught and I have no regrets. Yes, cops can be soooooo intimidating! That would be unnerving to have that happen and feel so at their mercy. *hugs*

  3. I’ve often wondered why they would treat the clearly innocent like criminals and let the criminals get away with murder!!
    A big reason I REFUSE to go visit anybody that stays in a security complex. I have to be bloody fingerprinted and scanned and all my details taken down, but the thieves just come and go as they please.
    But cops, well, these days they don’t inspire trust in me.

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  5. WOW! I would have peed my pants. One time I left my boyfriend’s house and we were in one of our major arguments so I was crying and I saw a road block (we lived in college town). I didn’t want to deal with people so I u-turned and was going back through his neighborhood to go the other way and a motorcycle cop followed me and pulled me over. He asked why I turned around and he kept talking to me and in that convo I had ended up saying that I was extremely Irish Catholic (I had a rosary on my rear-view) and I had never done a drug in my life. That was my one and only successful lie. I’m not Catholic and have done drugs. But I wasn’t under the influence that night. Thank God.

  6. I’ve only had two speeding fines, years ago, one in my Mini and the other in my E-Type. I wasn’t much over, either time. It’s a horrible feeling to get stopped by the police. One other time I got stopped by two young cops who said they just wanted to say ‘hello’ and have a closer look at my car. 😆 Hugs

  7. Oh wow, yeah…I would have been nervous too. I have been caught up in many of those checkpoints and I was finally pulled over 5 years ago in this town that I moved to and for what you may ask? Well, my blinker light was on and stuck! Yes, obviously that act of me pulling me over for this reason would have NEVER occurred in Miami!

  8. I think the sight of cops would give anyone the jitters even if innocent. That sounds only so terrible, can’t imagine what you might have gone through. Scary.

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