Short and sweet today…

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Daily Prompt:  Polite Company

“It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.”

Agree or disagree?

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My response to the prompt:

I touched on this here, same applies to people I don’t really know…so I agree.


47 thoughts on “Short and sweet today…

  1. I have been wondering about this also since I just started a blog and many of my videos/songs are based on my beliefs. My job in blogging is to be true to myself and share wholly who I am. I am not trying to convert but simply show the part that faith plays in my life. I cover many topics and hope not to offend anyone. I don’t truly know blog etiquette. I support everyone’s choice to handle this as they choose. Thanks for the thought provoking question. Have a good day. :)

  2. I have friends on both sides of the fence on both subjects. For the ones who can’t accept another point of view, it does not meet my friendship criteria.

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  4. Depends on how much in the mood for a fight you are😉
    Best thing to do is drop the bomb and watch the people tear themselves apart arguing about it.
    Yes, I know. I’m a bad person!!

  5. Vintage illustration and a corny joke– always a great combo, IMO. And I see it’s an “Armstrong” illustration– always a good sign… : )

    Talking about religion and politics is always risky. I think it’s because people invest much of their personal identity in their belief systems. True for me, too. Hard to stay open and not feel like you’re being attacked. It’s a shame, because we never learn anything without venturing outside our comfort zone.

    You’re a Kellerman and a Deaver and a thriller fan? Excellent! Keep on huggin’! : )

    • Well, I do love vintage illustrations, corny jokes and thrillers:)

      It is true, as you said, that our religions and political views are so much a part of our identities. My opinion is though that it would make such a change if people would be more tolerant of each others beliefs without trying to change them.

      Thanks for the visit – wow, two Armstrong’s one on post on the same day!:)


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  9. I kind of agree and disagree, especially when religion is discussed online, you would think that access to the net would help people be more open minded but at times the opposite takes place and you can never anticipate how the message is being received by the other party. You may mean well but it get’s misconstrued as an insult and then you find a harsh vulgar debate taking place and a large crowd to witness this.

    Although a healthy conversation of religion and politics can be great, people(sometimes strangers) bring up some great aspects that one can easily miss.
    nice post *hugs first* haha

  10. Embarking on almost any topic with someone you don’t know can be quite frustrating and a little bit dangerous. Blind dates can be this way. I like to listen to the other person talk or hear what others have to say first before committing to much direction of dialogue.

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