Stroke of Midnight

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Daily prompt from WordPress: Where were you last night when 2012 turned into 2013? Is that where you’d wanted to be?


Well my previous post says it all.  I was home tending scared dogs, an annoyed cat and my little one waking up from all the fireworks around my neighborhood.

Where I wanted to be was somewhere peaceful like perhaps sitting on a beach somewhere with a cold glass of wine, a cool breeze and not a worry in the world…but in reality, in between the loud banging sounds of the fireworks I was lying there worried about the new year and what it was going to bring.

I also thought about my craft book idea which I’ve been toying with for quite sometime now and truthfully realizing the reason I have not gone ahead with it is because I lack the self-confidence to just go ahead and do it.

Anyway, I am so tired of Christmas and the New Year celebrations and I’m glad it’s almost time for everything to go back to normal


63 thoughts on “Stroke of Midnight

  1. I was at home, by myself, leaning out of the window to try and catch a glimpse of some fireworks.
    It was really a dull evening.
    I’m not a party animal but it would have been nice to be with the family.
    Do your craft book and perhaps you’ll see that you like doing it and gain confidence.
    Do it for yourself and leave it as a legacy.

  2. I do agree about the fireworks – they are becoming increasingly used for all `celebrations` – at one time they were confined to Guy Fawkes Day (5 November). Don`t people realise how frightening they are to animals? C`mon have faith in yourself and get on with that book!

  3. Even out here on the farms (also in South Africa, by the way!) we had neighbours firing crackers all night. The police reservist Man of the House awoke with a very horrible start thinking they were gunshots, and I don’t know *what* the cows thought they were, but whatever it was, it made them break three gates and run into all the wrong paddocks. I have sympathy!

  4. Hi there, thanks for running through my space, I really appreciate it. I’m still learning the ropes here, your blog defiantly inspires me. Bloggers For Peace, I really like that and take it to heart.
    You are a gal worth knowing, I already see that. :0)
    I’d say my New years eve was more quiet than yours, we were asleep before midnight and this year did not hear nay pots and pans banging, thank goodness.
    You mentioned something about a craft book…..go for it, you can do it!

  5. I second the motion of the beach and a cool breeze (not as cool as the breezes here though, third snowstorm in a week)! Getting back to normal is nice too. As far as the craft book …. go for it!

  6. I was on my lonesome waiting for hubby to fly in this morning. I tried watching the royal variety show but fell asleep which only goes to show how rubbish I thought it was😦
    tell us more about your craft book…please:)

    • Well, I first started off thinking I would blog a few crafts because I do all sorts of crafts and teach them too, but then, still thinking along those lines I thought if I’m going to go to all the trouble of crafting and taking step by steps pics on how to do it, it may as well rather be in a book form.

      I’m assuming hubby is home now:)


  7. I was standing on a stage with my favorite people in the whole world, bringing in the new year to a happy crowd! I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else!:)

  8. Happy New Year to you, Hopestar. There were no fireworks where we were in New Jersey. What a pleasure. Your craft book idea sounds interesting. Don’t give up before you’ve started it. Just do it! Hugs and love to you. xx

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  10. I was on the beach earlier in the evening but wanted to be home with my very dear Siamese cat in case he was scared by all the noise of the fireworks
    He wasn’t scared but I’m glad I got to see in the new year with him.

    Happy New Year!

    Gary x

  11. The fireworks were terrible last night! It wasn’t even just crackers it was those ones that make the huge bangs😦
    And getting that craft book together should be your New Year’s resolution:)

  12. They sell fireworks everywhere here so yes we sure heard a lot. Someone near us must have spent a ton of money on good size rockets though because they shot off some beauties right after midnight.
    I was OK with it and actually enjoyed seeing them and within a few minutes it stopped and a peaceful night began.

  13. Just sit on down and start the book… I’ve got two on the computer… the more you write the easier it gets and funny at the same time one gains quite a bit of confidence… just sit down and start… editing can come later, rearranging the chapters and all that type thing… just do it…

  14. Do the craft book – worst that can happen is you try a dream and have to retry it. Right now, it’s not happening at all.
    At 12 I was cooking and all and heard fireworks (just a couple), turned and realized it was 2013…so, okay with where I was, but not doing what I would like to have been doing.

  15. I like your beach fantasy but wouldn’t it have
    been slightly better surrounded by a horde of
    naughty slaves?😉 Well one can dream:) lol

    Have a sweet Wednesday my friend:)

    Andro xxx

  16. I really dislike fireworks – in the hands of the general public! A controlled display is preferable IF THEY HAVE TO HAVE THEM!

    Hope, I feel that you should go with your gut if you feel strongly about the book. What is the worst that could happen, after all? ♥

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  18. I will add my two cents worth too, do the book, I think it would be an exciting project. :) Stay positive and confident to make this your best year. I know I just started following your blog, but you seem to be creative so I say go for it! Blessings – Patty

  19. OMG, sooooo agree with you! Good bye 2012, enough already! Isn’t it sad that our lack of confidence keeps us from sharing wonderful and enriching things with others? Our need to feel “good enough”, exceptional and perfect eclipses the idea that our “imperfections” are what make us, us, perfect in our own, unique way, and as long as it is from the heart it will speak to everyone. Do the book.

  20. Happy new year and a special blessing to a special friend! May your new year be full with an abundance of beautiful and prosperous blessings…and may you continue to blossom in all that you share with us! Much love to you always…God bless! The Image is too lovely!

  21. hahaha I know how you feel about tending scared dogs and little ones waking up:) Good luck this new year, to you and your family:)

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