Daily prompt: Me time

Daily prompt from WordPress: What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?



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Well, Saturday mornings aren’t always really predictable, there is always something I forgot to or something not in the usual routine of things that need doing.  So, Saturday mornings are really set aside for that.

Many people seem to think that us women want to be at the spa often and have facials and so on.   I do, do that but but not as often as I should and to be one hundred percent honest, I find it quite stressful.

I have so many things turning around in my head that I wish to write about, but not rushed writing as I usually do, no I would like to be able to translate my thoughts to words properly without all the grammatical and punctuation errors.  You may find that a bit silly –  but when I get a chance to write uninterrupted – that is the ideal me time for me.



36 thoughts on “Daily prompt: Me time

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  2. I like that you spend your Saturdays the way that you want to. We are not all so lucky. May I suggest that you relax, get the keyboard, and let words just roll. Don’t worry in the beginning if nothing makes sense. In the end, it will be a nice blog about yourself. I heal from writing, it has helped get those tornadoes out of my head

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  4. Lovely post, Hope! I think most of us are like you and feel guilty when we take ‘me time’. But we do deserve it to reward us for all the ‘chores’ albeit how lovingly we do them. Balance is the thing to keep in mind – and why not? Enjoy!

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  6. I agree about Spa visits being stressful. And I do my facials myself. I never like how they do it or the products they use. And when free flowing thoughts translate well in writing, it will be a happy day for me too.

  7. I know that feeling of spending saturday morning catching up. Every friday I send my dad an email and usually it starts off with “not much going on this weekend….” and sure as heck come saturday my whole weekend is planned and I’m often grocery shopping or running around. Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2012 16:51:54 +0000 To: ruth2day@hotmail.com

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