Daily Prompt: Flawed


Today’s prompt: What is your worst quality.  It had me puzzled for a few seconds, because I don’t see flaws as qualities.  I see flaws as personal failures I find hard to overcome.   Also, the questions asks what my worst quality is?  My question in reply is “how long is a piece of string?” I go through phases of being my own worst enemy and I will criticize myself to no end.  People don’t like that about me and will be unnecessarily unkind about it – suppose that is then flaw no 1.

So here’s the list:

Insecure, vulnerable, gullible, impulsive, tell too much, depressed, anxious, bad judge of character … I don’t quite know which one is the worst, so its up to the reader to decide, if they wish, which the worst one will be.

Not a brilliant day for me to answer this question, maybe I should just delete, or maybe just be impulsive and press “publish.”

58 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Flawed

  1. My worst quality by far is caring too much about what others think of me. I should just say “so what” but I have never been able to do that. 🙂

  2. I need to talk to you about this self criticism… you don’t have any of those, it’s all in the mind… you need to think positive rather than negative… think of the good not the bad… you need to be more positive about yourself… your posts tell us what a good Mother you are and that tells me everything a good mother is a good person… shake the self criticism off and think only positive…. and breath deep when you awake… it helps all sorts of things…

    • Its a temporary lapse I land in every now and then Bulldog, tomorrow I will better again – Since your comment this on my previous post I’ve been thinking about going back to doing yoga again, it does help.

  3. Just BTW,the list that you have up there applies to all of us at different times.None of us are perfect and we all have moments when we go through all of those things.The difference is that most of us don’t beat ourselves up about it.Why?Because we know that we have many good positive qualities too and those generally outweigh the negative ones.The qualities that I would consider bad for example are:beating up ones wife and kids,drinking oneself into oblivion and letting your kids go without,being a sexual abuser,murderer,rapist…..the list goes on but I’m sure you get the drift.Make a list of what you consider your ‘bad’ points and make a list of your ‘good’ points.(and don’t be modest!).I’m pretty damn sure that your good points far outweigh the ‘bad’.You need to learn to be a good friend to yourself.You wouldn’t be friends with someone who criticized you all the time?Then don’t do it to yourself!

  4. You know what makes beauty stand out? It’s not the perfect face, the even set of teeth or the heavenly body. Not at all. Beauty lies in the little imperfections we all live with – and how we manage them. These ‘flaws’ provide our identity and make us who we are.The point is this: we all have flaws. We can either bemoan the fact – or celebrate the uniqueness it provides. U go girl! You’ll be fine.

  5. Take each day for what they are, regardless. I know, I fight a same, self-defeating battle, which, with all the kind, well-intended words in the world, won’t make the slightest bit of difference. You know your own body, listen to what its telling you and let whatever feeling exists at that particular moment have a voice. Never doubt, just do it. 😉

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  7. You know everybody has flaws and it is not a bad thing…nobody is perfect. Still you need to try and love yourself, you are important, you are unique and we love you. We all have our down day even people who always seem happy, that is life, and some dwell on it longer , some shrug it off. We are all different. I have to admit I am also gullible big time and a bad judge of character in the way that I only see always the good in everyone and then you get some surprises. We live and learn. I am insecure sometimes too but not always. Still all these things make us learn. I think you are great, for being so honest and posting this here, I admire you. Hug Ute x

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  9. Flaws are not personal failures. It’s just the way you are.
    And just because you’re gullible does not make you a bad person, just a gullible person.
    Or any of the other things you mentioned. They can be good qualities as well as bad qualities – it always depends on the people you’re with at the moment.
    But if you see yourself as flawed rather than a personality with flaws, nobody can change your mind in that regard – only you can.
    And therein lies most of everybody’s trouble I expect. We see ourselves through darker glasses than the rest of the world does.
    I’ve reached a stage where I will say, bugger it. I am who I am, like it, lump it – your choice.
    Wish any of my words could make a difference Esperanza. It won’t, I know.
    Just know you are just a person like everybody else.
    And we’re all here to help one another through the darker patches…

  10. I think at some point or other everyone feels those emotions.. Atleast I do.. There’s no one I can single out as not been through it.. I liked the way you made that distinction between worst quality!

  11. Hmm…looks like you are suffering from a bout of humanity. Accept yourself, know God loves you exactly as you are, you are the most perfect you, don’t change a thing, and all this melts away. Love to you.

  12. Yup, I believe what people say to me, is that being gullible? Then, if it is, this is one of my flaws too. But it’s not really a flaw, it’s people’s flaw for telling a lie. Cheers *hugs*

  13. This is my first visit to your blag and I must tell you that you seem to be honest and kind. And just like you I am by biggest critic but not my biggest fan. However, we have a long time on this planet and can work on this. There is not fun in being perfect. Right?

  14. A line from “Little Women” says it best , “we are all hopelessly flawed”, but on the upside there is always room for improving ourselves. Be kind to yourself, you are perfect in God’s creation! Blessings – Patty

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Namaste. My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.

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