Daily Prompt: Circle of Five

The Daily Prompt

A writer once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

” If this is true, which five people would you like to spend your time with?

The people I would like to spend time with would be the following …

Agatha Christie –

I have read just about every Poirot and Marple book she wrote

and would love to get into her head.  

Find out about when she disappeared and how she formulated her characters.

Roald Dahl –

I imagine having a very interesting and lively conversation.

Elvis Presley –

I would love to know about how he saw his own life and fame

and why he thought it happened to him in such a big way.

Vincent Van Gogh –

Well, I think I would nod and agree with what he has to say … I think I’d understand.

This guy:

But most of all, I would seriously like to have a chat with the bloke who wrote the book of love!  Now, that conversation would be interesting.  I would question the living daylights out of him…

Take a look at this:

(I don’t know how I know this song, but when I read the prompt I immediately thought of this song and thought that I like to speak to this guy they’re singing about)


30 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Circle of Five

  1. Now that would be a dinner party worth going to. I had all of Agatha Christie’s books at one time. Including one title that would be classed as inappropriate now. Sad muppet that I was, I sold them all at a car-boot sale. How I regret that now.
    As always, loving your posts.:)

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  3. makes me wonder if the guy who wrote the book of love was ever in love or married…………..and did he remain married………..I loved Elvis Presley and still listen to his music

  4. I’m loving these Daily Prompts Hope – and once again really enjoying your answers – they say so much about you! I’m going to give this one a bash too!


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