Daily Prompt: In Loving Memory

Daily Prompt: In Loving Memory

Write your obituary. 



She fought her battles in her own subtle way, certainly not the normal way.

She was shy and withdrawn but only until you got to know her.

Always with her heart on her sleeve.


Once you earned her trust, she would have climbed mountains for you and

you might even have caught a glimpse of her wicked sense of humor.

But she could not understand hurt and why people would want to cause harm

Hurting her would send her running very far, never to return again…

She laughed often and also cried more than she should have.

From the depth of her heart she tried with all her might to be a

loving, caring and good person to all those who stood with her.

May she rest in peace…

46 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: In Loving Memory

  1. Not knowing it was YOUR obituary, my first thought was, “How sad she died so young before she had a chance to step out of that shyness and experience the joys of life.” I’m glad you’re not dead. Life gets better with age! Hugs to you, Marsha Lee 🙂

      • After I read your post, I saw the challenge. I haven’t ever responded to the writing challenges yet. I enjoy the photo ones, but the writing ones I haven’t wrapped my head around. So good for you that you could! I sometimes think I am posting too much as it is. I don’t want to overwhelm people with too many posts!!! Have a great day, Marsha 🙂

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  3. This is a lovely tribute. The ‘weaknesses’ it outlines are actually virtues.
    I think mine would have to include:
    Now that he’s gone we can finally try it
    To get a lot more peace and quiet …

  4. I hope before you go you find your way to please yourself and have no expectations of others. Perhaps later it will read,
    “Others took advantage of her sensitivity,
    a tender heart and giving soul was she.
    But before she went, she answered the angels calls,
    she gave everyone who hurt her,
    a swift kick in the balls!”
    RIP *hugs*

  5. “From the depth of her heart she tried with all her might to be a loving, caring and good person to all those who stood with her”
    You made a mistake in this sentence, you didn’t try, you are all that you said

  6. Writing your own obituary must be tough. It is hard to see yourself as others see you.
    You also revealed parts of you to us. I agree; you left a lot out – the lot was good things.
    You didn’t mention how very special you are, how well you write. and how many people care for you.

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