Here is my weekly photo challenge photo.  I took it in the very early hours of the morning at the Kruger National Park, South Africa.  I, of course took it with my cell phone and am not much of a photographer.

I would get up earlier than everyone else, sit right here and stare at this most beautiful scene in the mornings and would watch the mist on the water … the photo does not do the scene any justice though, if I could add the sounds and the smell of nature at this spot, then I might only convey a little of the real beauty here.

I thought the tree third from the front looked much like a human with his hands up holding the leaves and branches.


43 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. this is a beautiful photo. it reminds me of the peace i felt within when i was young and at church camp. we would worship at the lake very early each morning, and the fog rising from off the water was something to experience. Were you in Africa for a mission or do you live there?

  2. Why apology for the photo, saying you took it with your camera?

    My first impression, when I opened your post (after seeing your comment on Bulldog’s post) was how beautiful, serene and sparkly everything looked. I actually stopped a moment to look carefully at the photo; it is beautiful. You could make holiday greeting cards out of it!

  3. That is a treeman that lives in the National Kruger Park. They come out during
    the night to stand guard at the river. There usually are two of them and they leave
    as soon as the sun shows his face over the bushes. I have heard that they sometimes
    get a bit sleepy during the night. It might just be that you got up too early and that he
    was’t quite ready to leave and to fool you he just froze. Anybody going there and
    seeing the Treepeople, please don’t frighten them, as they just might hide forever and
    then the water would be stolen during the night by the Rainpeople. That would be very
    sad as the fairys that lives there would’nt have any water for gardening, drinking or bathing.
    I am sure he knwe that you would’nt harm him in any way, happyhugger, they know a
    kind human if they see one.

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  7. Lovely, and it speaks a lot to me. Having never been to your country ( but have a LOT of relatives there) this looks wonderful. You have inspired me to add a few personal photos to my posts in the future. The national parks here in the states are a bit of what is left of nature in our country, and it would be great to have this view (sights, sounds included). Thanks Hugs.

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